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image of PalauPalau is one of the world’s youngest and smallest countries, situated in the Pacific Ocean about 800 kilometres (500 miles) east of the Philippines. It is known by both Palau and Belau, the latter of which is closer to the native pronunciation.

Palau has just one airport which is in Koror, called Airai Airport (airport code: ROR). Flights from South Africa involve a fairly long journey and all flights have two connections. From Johannesburg flights to Palau are offered with South African Airways and Cathay Pacific, both of which have flights via Hong Kong and Taipei.

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The Tourist Attractions of Palau:

Palau is a beautiful Pacific Ocean island destination and as such visitors will not find a huge variety of attractions here. The primary attraction is scuba diving and there are a number of famous and popular spots off the coasts. Palau is also good for a relaxing tropical island holiday. The two main cities have friendly bars and restaurants to enjoy as well as places to stay and opportunities for shopping.

Scuba Diving

For scuba divers there are two options for staying in Palau. The first is to opt for an island resort. The benefit with this is that you can spend a little time enjoying activities other than diving and your accommodation should be comfortable and spacious. The second option is to choose a live-aboard boat. This may not be as spacious as resort accommodation, but if you’re principal reason for visiting Palau is for scuba diving these are a great way to do it!

There are a number of famous sites, the most renowned of which is called Blue Corner. There are usually a high number of sharks here and the high current adds to the excitement! Other dive sites include Blue Holes, Ulong Channel and German Channel and WWII battle fields are popular spots too.

Palau Cities

Koror is Palau’s largest city and until 2006 was the capital. There are some nice places to eat here which serve a variety of different cuisines. If you’re looking to buy something which is traditionally Palauan, the most popular souvenir is a storyboard. These are hand crafted wood carvings which depict myths and legends of Palau.

The new capital city is Melekeok, though it can hardly be called a city! With a population of less than 400, Melekeok was just a hamlet at the time it was pronounced the capital of Palau. As you can imagine there is not much to see here, though one building of interest is the new capitol building. This impressive building has been modeled on the traditional style of capitol buildings in the United States.

When Should You Visit?:

Palau appears to be a destination which is great to visit at any time of the year! The climate is tropical with little temperature variation across the year and an average of 27C. Relatively high humidity is common throughout the year and there is rainfall in Palau, though the heaviest months are between July and October. Being situated outside of the typical typhoon path means that Palau rarely suffers with these.

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