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Flights to Samoa

image of SamoaSamoa is an island state consisting of two large islands and eight small islets in the South Pacific Ocean, about half way between New Zealand and Hawaii.

Flights from South Africa to Samoa’s capital city, Apia, are available with several airlines, all requiring two stops from Johannesburg. Choose a flight with Emirates, Thai Airways International, Cathay Pacific, South African Airways and Air New Zealand. Flights are via Bangkok and Auckland or Hong Kong and Auckland.

Flights are also available from Cape Town, and also involve two stops – flights with Singapore Airlines fly via Singapore and Auckland. An alternative, though lengthy journey, is with Air New Zealand via Heathrow and Auckland.

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The Tourist Attractions of Samoa:

The two large Samoan islands of Upolu and Savai’i are both practically covered in vegetation which to visitors appears like lush and dense jungle, though to the people of Samoa this is actually semi-cultivated forest and plantations, and hence none of this is first growth! However it all looks very tropical and is one of the attractions for many visitors to Samoa.

In the areas which aren’t covered with vegetation you will instead find a barren lava field measuring 50 square kilometres, which has been created as a result of erupting volcanoes. Although there are many volcanoes on Samoa, none of them are now considered to be active – the last eruption which caused the Saleaula lava fields was back in 1911 on the island of Savai’i and this is easily accessible because the main island road takes you straight across it!

The natural beauty of Samoa is what attracts many people here. Resorts offer visitors beautiful white sandy beaches with palm trees and crystal clear lagoons – the epitome of a tropical island holiday! Though whether you are visiting for a relaxing holiday or prefer to keep active you should still explore some of what the islands have to offer. How about some beautiful waterfalls?

The most spectacular waterfalls on Samoa are on the southern coast of Upolu, and are called the Papapapai-Tai Falls where the water drops 100 metres. There are a number of other waterfalls too, such as the Togitogiga Waterfalls where you can enjoy a swim in one of the swimming holes and the Sopoaga Falls which are the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic!

If you’re staying on Savai’i you can also enjoy waterfalls here too. The Afu Aau Falls are one worth visiting as you can also enjoy a swim in the deep pool at the bottom of the falls. Whilst you’re in the area you should also visit the largest ancient structure in Polynesia, the 12 metre tall Pulemelei Pyramid.

Upolu is the most populated island in Samoa and here you’ll find the capital city, Apia. Apia is a fun place to visit and mingle with the friendly Samoans who enjoy a more relaxed and straightforward life. Here you can visit the food market (Maketi Fou) and buy some wonderful fruits, or for other goods try the nearby flea market where you can buy just about everything!

Whilst on Samoa you should definitely attend a ‘Fia Fia’. These are evenings which consist of traditional Samoan dancing and music, and depending on where you go, usually lots of food and drink too. This is a great evening and should not be missed if you want to experience some of the culture of Samoa!

When Should You Visit?:

Samoa has a tropical climate with two seasons – wet and dry. The rainy season is also the time when tropical cyclones are most likely to hit the islands and this is from October to March. The dry season is May to October.

The average annual temperature in Samoa is a comfortable 26.5C.

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