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image of SeychellesSeychelles is an archipelagic island nation in the Indian Ocean about 1500 kilometres east of Africa, and to the north east of Madagascar. The Seychelles make for a perfect beach holiday destination with beautiful beaches plus a number of other attractions to keep visitors occupied too.

International flights to Seychelles land in the Mahe Island International Airport (airport code: SEZ) near Victoria, the capital city. Direct flights to Seychelles from South Africa are offered by Air Seychelles, or indirect flights with one connection to the Seychelles are available with airlines such as South African Airways, Air France, Air Seychelles, and Emirates. Flights to the Seychelles from South Africa with two stops are offered by airlines such as Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM, and Qatar Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Seychelles:

Consisting of 115 islands the Seychelles is spread over a large area. There is just the one international airport, and hence most visitors will arrive on Mahe Island. From here you can use the national airline, Air Seychelles, to get frequent daily flights to the other main island, Praslin, or less frequent flights to some of the other more major islands too. Another way to get around is by boat, though obviously this would take a lot longer than by air.

Travelling around from island to island is recommended to get a true feel for Seychelles, its features and its people, though often tourists prefer to stay in one location.


Victoria is the capital and largest city of Seychelles. With the international airport nearby many visitors pass through this small city, which is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. Victoria has a quaint feel about it and offers untouched colonial architecture. The Natural History Museum and National Museum of History are two of the popular attractions, though probably the most famous is the clock tower. Meanwhile the market is used by both locals and visitors to buy fresh produce.

There are several hotels in Victoria is you want to stay in the city, plus a popular nightclub for evening’s entertainment.

Beaches in Seychelles

Most visitors come with the main intention of enjoying the beaches, and you may be surprised at just how empty some of them are. With 150 islands you can imagine that there are many beaches to choose from, though one that always stands out is on the island of Praslin, called Anse Lazio, though wherever you choose to spend your days it will be beautiful!

Water Sports in Seychelles

Both motorised and non-motorised water sports are popular in Seychelles. Some areas are protected such as the Ste Anne Marine National Park where fishing and waterskiing is prohibited, but the scuba diving and snorkelling is excellent here. Aldabra Atoll is another popular spot. This is said to be the world’s largest coral atoll and has a huge tidal lagoon. Elsewhere, windsurfing, yachting, surfing, and power boating are popular too.

Vallee de Mai

The Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve is situated on Praslin Island and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of only two places where the Coco de Mer grows, and is famous for having the largest seeds of any plant in the world. The huge palms which grow here, plus beautiful waterfalls and plenty of bird and animal life makes this a popular Seychelles attraction.

When Should You Visit?:

The climate of the Seychelles is quite equatorial with little change in the average temperature over the year. The weather is hot and humid, though often cooled a little by sea breezes. Across the year the average temperature is 29C (84F), and the sea temperature usually stays above a very pleasant 27C (81F). Seychelles is cooler during May to September. November to March is warmer but this is the wetter time of year too.

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