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Flights to Tahiti

image of TahitiTahiti is a collection of islands in the South Pacific, situated roughly half way between Los Angeles and Australia, and is part of French Polynesia. Tahiti is the quintessential tropical island destination where your flight is welcomed by women handing out flowers, and happy, smiling and helpful locals!

All international flights coming to Tahiti will land on the main island at the only international airport, called Faa’a (airport code PPT), which is located close to the main city of Papeete. From South Africa you should expect a long journey with two connecting flights. Airlines offering flights from Johannesburg include Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, BMI, British Airways, Delta and Cathay Pacific. All of these airlines have flights via their home countries, before going onward to Los Angeles and then to Tahiti.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tahiti:

First and foremost, people visit Tahiti because it’s a tropical island destination – the beautiful, if somewhat unusual black beaches (caused by the volcanic activity) and the gorgeous blue seas make Tahiti especially popular with couples looking for a romantic getaway, as well as those who come here for their honeymoon or even to renew their vows to each other.

From the beaches you can enjoy numerous water sports including scuba diving and snorkelling, kitesurfing, windsurfing and more in addition to fishing and boating and seeing shark and stingray feedings.

On dry land there’s actually a lot to see in Tahiti if you enjoy beautiful scenery. A popular pastime for visitors is an island tour as you can take in all the best sites, these include the following:


Papeete is the capital city of Tahiti and has an eclectic, almost cosmopolitan feel to it! This is not your typical tropical paradise, but is good for shopping. Alongside the busy harbour and the streetsides you’ll find many cafés and restaurants serving all different nationalities of cuisines. Perhaps a little surprising to some visitors though is the fact that you’ll also find high end boutiques here with French clothing and jewellery, though try the market place ‘Le Marche’ for a cheaper shopping experience!

Botanical Garden and Gauguin Museum

Located on the west coast at Papeari is Tahiti’s Botanical Garden where you can see many of the regions native plants up close and personal. Right next door to the botanical gardens is the Gauguin Museum.

Les Trios Cascades

Those familiar with French will know that Les Trois Cascades means the ‘three waterfalls’! These beautiful waterfalls are located inland on Tahiti Nui island.

Other Attractions

Other attractions on Tahiti include the tomb of Tahiti’s only king, King Pomare the Fifth; the Arahurahu Marae, a restored religious site where you’ll find some interesting structures which were built out of stone blocks as a tribute to the old gods; the Arahoho Blowhole which has formed in the road and can be quite spectacular; and the Pointe Venus Lighthouse, named by Captain Cook, from where you can see beautiful coastal views.

When Should You Visit?:

Graced with a tropical climate, Tahiti is an excellent place to visit really at any time of the year. Summer lasts from November to April during which time the temperatures are a little hotter and the air is more humid, though it is also generally wetter at this time of year. During the winter months the temperatures do drop a little and the humidity is lower, so this may suit those visitors who like the air to be a little drier!

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