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Flights to Tuvalu

image of TuvaluTuvalu is a small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, situated about half way between Australia and Hawaii. It was a former British colony which was granted independence in 1978, so along with Tuvaluan, English is one of the official languages.

Tuvalu has an airport near the capital city, Funafati, but as you might expect this is just a small airport and flights are by no means frequent! There are two carriers who offer flights to Tuvalu – Air Pacific and Air Fiji. Both of these operate flights a couple of times a week from Fiji, so if you’re looking for a flight from South Africa to Tuvalu you’ll need to get to Fiji first and there are several flight option routes open to you for this – you could get a flight to Los Angeles, or to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne in Australia.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tuvalu:

Being one of the smallest countries in the world, Tuvalu certainly isn’t steeped in tourist attractions! Tuvalu is a tropical island destination and one which may only be considered by tourists who are happy to spend a bit more money getting here, and who want a fairly remote and quiet holiday destination. This is because there aren’t too many flights to Tuvalu, or other options for getting here, so air tickets can be on the pricey side.

You’ll also find that Tuvalu isn’t big on hotel accommodation – there is in fact just one hotel on the island! This is a state run hotel and is situated in the capital Funafati, just steps away from the airport. Although facilities are generally quite good here, there is apparently no hot water, but there is a restaurant serving all meals and a lively nightlife! If you don’t fancy the island’s only hotel, Tuvalu locals also operate guest houses for visitors, though you will find that these are of a very basic standard.

If you’d like to explore Tuvalu the best way is to rent a scooter. These are very reasonably priced for a day’s hire and you don’t have to worry too much about traffic because there isn’t much of it. Alternatively you can visit some of the other islands of Tuvalu. Ships do go between them, but not frequently so be aware that if you get off on one island you could be there for the next 2 weeks!

As you may already have imagined there are not many places to shop in Tuvalu. In Funafati there are two stores which sell a small range of groceries and at the airport there is also a handicraft centre where you can buy locally produced handicrafts.

When Should You Visit?:

Tuvalu enjoys a tropical climate with year round warm to hot temperatures which are moderated by trade winds between March and November.

From November to March the westerly winds bring gales and often heavy rain, so this is probably not the best season to visit.

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