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image of AlgiersSituated on the Mediterranean Sea coast the city of Algiers is both the capital and the largest city in Algeria, North Africa. Algiers is an ancient city and has historical architecture left over from several of the city’s occupations, such as the French and the Ottomans.

Flights to Algiers arrive at the Houari Boumediene Airport (airport code: ALG), though many locals just call it the Algiers Airport since it is about 17 kilometres outside the capital city. When departing from Johannesburg, you can get several flights to Algiers with major airlines that have either 1 or 2 connections. South African Airways will make their transfer in Cairo, and Turkish Airlines has one stop-over in Istanbul. You can also get a flight to Algiers with Iberia that has stops in London and Madrid.

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The Tourist Attractions of Algiers:

To understand the sights you’ll see in Algiers it helps to know a little about the history of the city. A settlement has actually been here since Phoenician times though not continuously; and the Romans came later. The city we know today was established in the year 944, and several of the main landmarks were built during periods of occupation much later on the Ottomans for example ruled over Algiers from 1516, and constructed much of the old city, while the French were in charge from 1830 until 1962.

Algiers Kasbah
As in most North African cities Algiers has a part of the city known as the Kasbah. This is the older part of town and here in Algiers it’s split into two districts, the Low City and the High City, named because the Kasbah is located on a hill. Many of the landmarks here were built by the Ottomans so you can see their influences in much of the architecture. There are several mosques dating from the mid 1600s such as the 1660 Mosque el Djedid, and the later Ketchaoua Mosque constructed in 1794.

The oldest mosque in Algiers is the Great Mosque, built in 1097. This doesn’t feature the same grand architecture as some other mosques, but it is one of the last remaining examples of Almoravid architecture, so it’s very important from this respect.

The Kasbah has a great historic ambiance and atmosphere, making this one of the more popular attractions of Algiers, and you can certainly try to get yourself lost in the maze of narrow streets and alleys criss-crossing the neighbourhood!

Notre Dame d’Afrique
From the Ottomans legacy to that of the French, and their Roman Catholic church, Notre Dame d’Afrique, though looking at the architecture you’d probably be mistaken for thinking this was a Byzantine church with its domes and towers! The church is quite unusual for a catholic church and it took 14 years to complete, inaugurated in 1872. It is actually a neo-Byzantine style that was apparently quite popular in France at that time. As well as admiring the church you can admire the views from this part of Algiers as the church is set on a hillside overlooking the Bay of Algiers.

When Should You Visit?:

Algiers has a typical Mediterranean climate, so you can pretty much guarantee what the weather will be like across the year. July and August may be on the hot side for sightseeing at an average high of 31 and 32C. June is a few degrees cooler, as is September, and there’s a little rainfall across all four of these months. Heading into autumn, there’s heavier rain and mild temperatures, while in the winter the rain is heaviest but temperatures are still mild.

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