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Algeria is a country in North Africa and is the second largest country on the continent. Algeria is an Arab country and offers visitors a varied history through its archaeological ruins and varied landscapes from the coast to the mountains to the desert.

International flights into Algeria will land in the country’s capital city Algiers and there are a number of airlines offering flights from South Africa. From Johannesburg choose from Turkish Airlines, Iberia, British Airways, South African Airways, Air France, Egyptair, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa or Emirates. All of these flights have one connection, flying via cities such as Istanbul, Madrid, London, Cairo, Paris, Frankfurt and Dubai.

You can also opt to catch a flight from Cape Town to Algeria. Several of these routes do fly via Johannesburg and have two stops, though with Turkish Airlines and British Airways these are only one stop flights, via Istanbul and Heathrow respectively.

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The Tourist Attractions of Algeria:

Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. Situated in the north, the city lies on the Mediterranean coast and has a mix of both the modern and cosmopolitan, alongside the old city of the 17th century, called the Kasbah. The Kasbah (also spelt Casbah) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an attractive area of the city with many historical buildings, including a number of mosques dating back to various periods in Algeria’s history. For a complete contrast to the old, visit the impressive Monument of the Martyrs in the city centre.

East of Algiers is the popular and picturesque city of Constantine. Constantine is famous for the deep ravine around the city and for the bridges and viaduct which cross it, particularly the second highest suspension bridge in the world, called Gantaret El Hibal.

Algeria features a number of ancient Roman cities. Nearby to Constantine is the Roman city of Tiddis, whilst further inland, near the city of Batna are the ruins of the Roman city of Timgad. This impressive city, although in ruins, gives an excellent idea of how the Romans planned and built their towns. The Arch of Trajan is the most noticeable of all the ruins here and the whole site is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Algeria also has several other UNESCO World Heritage Sites located around the country. These include Djemila near the city of Setif in Northeast Algeria. This is the site of one of the best preserved Roman ruins in North Africa. In the Saharan Atlas region of Algeria is another World Heritage Site, Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad, whilst the M’zab Valley features many inspiring desert cities such as Ghardaia with its fantastic architecture.

Having a long section of coast on the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria is also an excellent destination to enjoy the coast and its beaches. The city of Annaba in Northeast Algeria offers an attractive city with great places to eat, attractive architecture and many beaches, and in the evenings this is a good city to enjoy the Algerian nightlife. If you’re travelling to Algeria with your family, Annaba also has an Amusement Park if the children would like a break from the more traditional sightseeing!

When Should You Visit?:

Northern Algeria experiences a temperate, Mediterranean climate and so has warm to hot and dry summers (particularly July and August) and mild and wetter winters (particularly December to February).

This climate is not the same across the country though and there can in fact be large variations in temperatures and conditions. The higher ground in the mountainous regions can be a lot cooler, whereas the desert zones of the Sahara can be unbearably hot.

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