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Flights to Annaba image of AnnabaThe Algerian city of Annaba is extremely old and may have been used as a settlement in prehistoric times, and it has also been occupied by the Romans as well as the French. The long and diverse history is very evident in the city, and you will fine most attractions here will reflect that past.

Flights to Annaba are served at the Rabah Bitat Airport (airport code: AAE) and many major airlines have flights to here from South Africa, all with 2 connections in their routes. Lufthansa goes through Munich and Paris, but Virgin Atlantic goes another way with stops in London and Algiers. A flight to Annaba with South African Airways has a similar route, but with transfers in Cairo and Algiers. You can also fly with Iberia, British Midland, SwissAir or Egyptair.

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The Tourist Attractions of Annaba:

The city is on the coast of the Mediterranean, and you can find many excellent beaches north of the city centre. Plage Saint-Cloud, Plage Chapus and Plage la Caroube are the three closest to Annaba, but you can find more as you go farther north.

Ruins of Hippo Regius
The Roman ruins of the original city of Hippo Regius are just south of modern Annaba, and are a very impressive place to visit if you enjoy seeing historical cities (even in ruins). The area is fairly spread out, but the surroundings are very nice so it is a pleasant place for a walk. The complex has courtyards with still-standing columns, arches, bathhouses, pathways, fountains, temples and more. You can see the layout of the entire city. There is a museum at the site where you can learn more about Hippo Regius and see the artefacts that have been excavated from around the city.

St. Augustine Basilica
If you are visiting the Hippo Regius site, then you should also take a little extra time to see the twin-spired St. Augustine Basilica that overlooks the historic old city. It dates to the French colonial period, and boasts some lovely stained glass windows. A bone relic of St. Augustine is kept within the church.

Edough National Park
Edough National Park is just on the boundary of Annaba, to the west, so you should be able to get there in just a few minutes and without much difficulty. It is a forested and mountainous park with a few wetland areas as well. It is an easy enough park to hike around and the higher elevations give a wonderful view over all of Annaba.

El-Kala National Park
The El-Kala National Park is quite large, and a little spread out in shape. You can get access to the park to the east of Annaba in a few different places. It is well forested, but there are also lakes, coastlines and mountain areas too. It has a very diverse ecosystem. Besides just being beautiful, hundreds of birds and animals live in the park.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers can be hot in Annaba but otherwise the climate is really very comfortable for most of the year. The summers are in July and August, and it will reach 31C (88F) during those months in the daytime. It will cool down to around 16C (61F) in January and February for a substantial change. The months in between are warmer and might be more suitable if you prefer.

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