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Flights to Oran image of OranSituated on the Mediterranean Sea, on the north-west coast of Algeria is the attractive city of Oran. Oran is the second largest city in Algeria and really has many things to see and do. The seafront is perfect for spending lazy days, while the old quarters of Oran will attract tourists looking to experience some of the Algerian heritage and culture.

The Oran Es Senia Airport (airport code: ORN) is located less than 10 kilometres south of the city, and it is served by several major airlines. Coming from South Africa all airlines have two connections in their flights to Oran. KLM has a route through Amsterdam and Paris, and South African Airways offers a flight to Oran that stops in Zurich and Paris. Alternatively, you can travel with either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic for a 2-stop flight to Oran through London and Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Oran:

If you’ve always wanted to visit North Africa, Oran is a wonderful introduction to this part of the continent. It’s a fairly sizeable city though its coastal location gives Oran a somewhat relaxed and laid back atmosphere that you can enjoy yourself, particularly when staying in the seaside resort hotels.

Front de Mer
Oran’s seafront is a popular part of the city, both with locals and tourists. It’s a lovely place to enjoy a daytime of an evening stroll, with a warm breeze coming off the Mediterranean and views out to sea, while inland you’re right next to the city centre. Come to this part of the city to experience some of the nightlife as there are many bars and clubs here!

The Kasbah
Typical of North African cities is the Kasbah, the old quarter of Oran. This would have been the heart of the city hundreds of years ago and it has still retained its historical look and feel, making this a great contrast to some of the more modern parts of the city.

Cathedrals and Mosques
The colonial past of Oran can be seen within the assortment of different architectural styles in the city. The French influence can easily be seen, but there are also remnants of Ottoman times too. St Mary’s Cathedral is a major landmark that has wonderful detailed brickwork and mosaics on its fa├žade and overall has Moorish architectural influences.

The Great Synagogue of Oran started life as a synagogue for the Jewish people living in Oran in 1880, but when Algeria became independent it was confiscated and converted into a mosque. Still, it’s an impressive building and has some wonderful Mudejar and Moorish Revival architecture.

Fort Santa Cruz
On a hill overlooking Oran is one of the city’s three historic forts, Fort Santa Cruz. It was built by the Spanish between 1577 and 1604, and is a popular tourist attraction for its views of Oran if nothing else.

Just a little way down the hillside from the fort is the Chapel of Santa Cruz. There is a huge statue of the Virgin Mary here, making this a popular pilgrimage site.

When Should You Visit?:

Typical of a Mediterranean climate Oran is mild to warm all year round and has the majority of its rainfall over the winter months. January is mild at an average high of 16C, but visiting for sightseeing you’d be better coming in the drier summer months. August is the hottest month and over the summer, average highs range between 27 and 31.5C.

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