Muyinga Flights:

Flights to Muyinga image of MuyingaMuyinga is in the north-eastern part of Burundi, near the border with Tanzania. Burundi is a very poor country and the level of most services will be quite basic. French is sometimes spoken around the city, but local languages like Kirundi and Swahili are just as common. You may have trouble if you rely only on English.

A flight to Muyinga will arrive at the Bujumbura International Airport (airport code: BJM) located about 125 kilometres away. A rental car would be your best option for getting from the airport to Muyinga. To Bujumbura, you can get a flight with either Kenya Airways or Ethiopian Airlines, coming from Johannesburg. The first has a one-stop flight that has a connection in Nairobi and the second one takes a 2-stop route through Lusaka and Addis Ababa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Muyinga:

Ruvubu National Park
There is a main road leaving Muyinga to the south-east that goes directly to the Ruvubu National Park and it is not a long drive. It’s a long narrow park that follows the Ruvubu River along its length. From Muyinga, you’ll arrive at the northern end of it. There are camping facilities and many routes you can take through the park. The local wildlife should include hippos, lions, monkeys, antelope, crocodiles and buffalo so you will have a lot to look out for.

Kibira National Park
It’s a longer drive to the west of Muyinga, but the Kibira National Park is another option for seeing some natural landscapes and wild animals. Even so, it’s less than 2 hours away. The area is mostly rainforest and it does continue to the north across the border into Rwanda. The park is known for its primate populations, including colobus monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees. There are some thermal hot springs in the park and some more mountainous regions to see as well.

Rwihinda Lake Nature Reserve
Based around Rwihinda Lake this is a very small nature reserve yet it’s home to hundreds of species of water birds. Small boats can be taken out to see the birds, and if you are quiet, you can float among them without disturbing them to fly away.

Though it is not a large city either, a trip to Gitega does make a decent day-trip from Muyinga. It’s about the same distance as the Kibira park but heading south-west instead. One particular attraction here is the Burundi National Museum. It’s not huge but you can see several good collections of pottery, clothing, drums, baskets and photographs that cover the monarchy era of the country as well as more modern Burundi life. There are also displays of traditional buildings on the premises.

When Should You Visit?:

Muyinga has a very comfortable climate through the year though a few months are a little rainier than others. For temperature, it is around 16C (61F) at any time, though May, September and October are slightly warmer. It is also a couple of degrees cooler in January. It will rain more in March, April and November though the rains are never excessive. Overall, the best time to see Muyinga would be from July until August.

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