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Flights to Burundi image of BurundiBurundi is a small country in eastern Africa in the Great Lakes region. It is a landlocked country though a great deal of its south western border is on Lake Tanganyika.

Flights from South Africa to Burundi enter the country via the international airport in the capital city, Bujumbura (airport code: BJM). Several airlines offer flights from Johannesburg and have either one or two stops. Choose from South African Airways for a one stop flight via Nairobi, or Kenya Airways, Air Mauritius, Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates have two stop flights.

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The Tourist Attractions of Burundi:

Despite its troubled past and the somewhat unstable current conditions in Burundi, the country actually offers many different attractions for visitors to enjoy. There is an abundance of natural beauty here including national parks and natural reserves with plant life and wildlife and a variety of culture to experience.

The capital and largest city of Burundi is Bujumbura. This city is situated in the west of the country on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. There are several points of interest in and near the city including a mausoleum at the top of the hill overlooking the city for Prince Louis Rwagasore. Even if you’re not interested in the mausoleum of the founder of independence in Burundi the climb is good for the views.

For tourists the main attraction in Bujumbura is the museum, called The Musee Vivant. The appealing layout of this museum is an attraction in itself and it’s set within beautiful gardens. There’s also a Herpetologic Centre here where you can see snakes and reptiles plus a bird house showcasing local species of birds.

On the theme of museums, another museum worth visiting is in the city of Gitega which is in central Burindi. The National Museum, which was founded in 1955, features a great collection of ethnographic objects and some wonderful old photos of kings and queens of the 19th century.

National Parks
There are two national parks in Burundi. Kibira National Park is in the northwest and features a large area of evergreen rainforests. There are over 600 species of plants here and over 200 bird species. The main appeal of the park is for its eco-tourism value and sustainable eco tourism activities are being encouraged. For example, 25 km of trails have been opened up for visitors to use and enjoy.

In south-western Burundi is Nyungwe Forest National Park. This park again has rainforests, as well as a variety of other environments including grassland, swamps and bogs. A big appeal with this park is the animal life – you’ll find 13 primate species here and 85 mammal species in total, as well as huge variety of plant life, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Natural Reserves
Other natural attractions in Burundi include several natural reserves. Rusizi Natural Reserve is near to Bujumbura, whereas Bururi Natural Reserve can be experienced from the town of Bururi in the south west of Burundi. Also the Rwihinda Lake Natural Reserve gives visitors an excellent opportunity to see a great many aquatic birds who migrate here.

When Should You Visit?:

The climate in Burundi is equatorial and hence the annual average temperature does not vary a great deal – averaging between 17C and 23C, though the main reason for this flux is actually the change in altitude across the country.

Avoid the wet seasons which run from February to May and September to November. Dry seasons are between June and August and December to January.

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