Ngozi Flights:

Flights to Ngozi image of NgoziThe city of Ngozi is in north-central Burundi, not far from the border with Rwanda. It’s not a large place but you can find several things to do nearby. You can communicate in French and Kirundi around the city, and you may also come across people who speak Swahili.

Ngozi is about 75km away from the capital Bujumbura, and that is the best place to arrive if you are on an international flight to Ngozi. Their airport is the Bujumbura International Airport (airport code: BUJ) and there are a few choices for getting a flight from Johannesburg. The only one-stop flight to Ngozi is with Kenya Airways and they connect in Nairobi. With Air Botswana, you will have connections in Gaborone as well as in Nairobi. Your flight will be at least 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ngozi:

Within the City
You won’t find many specific attractions within Ngozi itself though the city can be fun to see on foot. There is an open-air market with some souvenir handicrafts as well as local fresh produce.

Kibira National Park
The long narrow Kibira National Park is a short trip to the west of Ngozi, and it continues north of the border as the Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda. The park is mostly rainforest that follows along the Congo-Nile Divide though there are also areas of mountains, wetlands and even some groves of tall bamboo. Bird-watchers love the park for the huge numbers of species you can see, but there are chimps and colobus monkeys to be found as well.

Ruvubu National Park
You can also head to the east of Ngozi, to the equally long and narrow Ruvubu National Park. This protected area also crosses the border but is almost entirely within Burundi. There are more monkeys in this large park, as well as herds of antelope, hippos, lions, buffalo and there are crocodiles along the river banks. For walking tours, you can see the park along more than 50km of maintained trails.

Within 2 hours of Ngozi, you can take a drive to Bujumbura which is the country’s capital city. It is a larger city by far, and you can find more options for shopping and dining while you are there if you want a “big city” experience. For a little more educational entertainment, the Burundi Geological Museum and the Museum of Life are both great attractions in Bujumbura. You’ll also get access to the very large Lake Tanganyika that extends south from the city down the entire length of Burundi.

When Should You Visit?:

Ngozi’s climate is very steady and tends to offer the same weather no matter what time of the year it is. Though it does dip slightly in June and July, it will typically be 30C (86F) all year round during the daytime. Nights and evenings will be much more comfortable for a little relief, dropping down to 20C (68F). You don’t need to worry about the rains too much since it is usually very dry, though it will be slightly wetter in Ngozi in April and May.

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