Ruyigi Flights:

Flights to Ruyigi image of RuyigiLocated in eastern Burundi, Ruyigi is not a very large city and it does not offer too many specific attractions in town. Services for tourists are very basic and not all the roads in Ruyigi are paved. Even though the town isn’t very wealthy, the people are very friendly and you should have no trouble finding the things you need during your stay.

There is no local airport serving flights to Ruyigi directly, but you can get several international flights to the Bujumbura International Airport (airport code: BJM) which is about 100km away. There are regular buses for transport between the cities. Kenya Airways and South African Airways both have the same flight to Ruyigi that connects in Nairobi, but Ethiopian Airlines will go through Addis Ababa as well as Kigali. You flight will be at least 10 hours long, and can be as long as 40.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ruyigi:

The national language in Burundi is French, as it was once under the political control of France. You might find some people who also speak English, but they are not very common in Ruyigi.

Ruvubu National Park
The southern tip of the Ruvubu National Park is just a few kilometres away from Ruyigi, but you may have to take the road farther north to the main entry into the park. The park follows the path of the Rurubu River, and there are a large number of maintained trails for hiking and walking all through the park. It’s a perfect area for seeing wildlife, as there are regular populations of lions, buffalo, antelope, and many kinds of monkeys. Along the riverbanks, you can also see hippos and crocodiles. You can also stay overnight if you want to camp.

Kibira National Park
The Kibira National Park is a little farther away from Ruyigi, heading west past the city of Gitega. This is a more mountainous region, along the Congo-Nile Divide and you can see many aspects of Burundi countryside. There are groves of bamboo, thick rainforests and several rich wetlands. This is the park to visit if you want to see monkeys and primates (mainly chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys).

The next largest city that is near Ruyigi is Gitega, which is the second-largest in Burundi. You’ll find more spots for shopping and larger hotels, as well as attractions such as the Burundi National Museum. The museum isn’t large but it does have some great displays of historical and cultural importance for all of Burundi. They have hand-made pots, baskets, clothing and drums in the exhibits as well as many photographs and even reconstructed buildings.

When Should You Visit?:

Ruyigi has a hot climate with some rainy months and some dry months. The temperature seldom varies and will be within a degree or two of 30C (86F) throughout the year. It will get cooler in the evenings, and usually drop down to at least 20C (68F) which is very comfortable and a welcome daily relief. Rains are the heaviest in April and May though it’s not usually wet enough to really impact any sightseeing plans.

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