Kelo Flights:

Flights to Kelo image of KeloKelo is one of the larger cities in Chad, and located in the southern part of the country. It’s not far from the borders with Cameroon as well as the Central African Republic. There are fewer than 50,000 residents in Kelo so don’t expect a huge metropolis with too many modern features or attractions.

The closest airport with decent service for flights to Kelo is the Moundou Airport (code: MQQ) which is 80km away. You will have to fly to N’Djamena International Airport (code: NDJ) first and then book a flight to Moundou with Toumai Air Tchad. Otherwise, you can get a bus or rental car to get from N’Djamena to Kelo rather than taking the local flight. It is about 325km away. To N’Djamena, flights to Kelo are available with Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines or Kenya Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kelo:

As a nation, Chad is predominantly French and Arabic in terms of language and culture, with a varied mix of religious influences. Kelo itself is much the same which makes it nice for tourists who do not want too many cultural restrictions on them.

Manda National Park
It will take a few hours by car to the east, but the Manda National Park is the closest such protected area to Kelo. The park is mostly open savannah though the wide Chari River flows along one border of the park to add a little scenic variety with a flood-plain. There are populations of hyena in the park, as well as herds of several antelope species such as the duiker, reedbuck, hartebeest and roan.

Bouba Ndjida National Park
You will have to cross the border into Cameroon to see this park but doing so is usually fairly simple if you have the right travel documents with you. You’ll see more grasslands again but a much wider range of wildlife than the Manda National Park. Here there are elephants, lions, buffalo, antelope and rhinoceros throughout the plains. It’s more of the “classic” African safari destination and actually closer to Kelo than the Manda National Park mentioned above.

City of Moundou
South of Kelo is the much-larger city of Moundou where you can find a few other attractions during your trip. Besides just having a larger choice of restaurants and shops, you can take a tour of the well-known Gala Brewery. They make an excellent light-flavoured beer that is very popular though the entire region. Other than that, just take to the streets and see what you find.

When Should You Visit?:

To get the best climate for a trip to Kelo, plan to be there in December or January. These are some of the coolest times of the year, and the temperatures are usually just a little above 25C (77F). It is also very dry, which is better for sightseeing than the other cool season in August. It’s around the same temperature but the rains are much heavier. On the other hand, it will be much hotter in April when the daytime highs are nearly 32C (90F).

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