Chad Flights:

Flights to Chad image of ChadHaving been a French territory until 1960, gaining independence only seemed to worsen situations in Chad. Today, the country remains one of the poorest, and most corrupt, in the world and due to political instabilities, travel to Chad is inadvisable.

Despite problems, Chad’s borders are still open to visitors. The main international gateway is the airport in the capital city, N’Djamena (airport code: NDJ). Flights from South Africa are available with several airlines, and with the option of one or two connections. One stop flights to Chad are offered with Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways via Addis Ababa, or with Air France via Paris. Alternatively choose from Kenya Airways, Virgin, Lufthansa, British Airways, BMI or Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines for two stop flights, most of which are via London and Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Chad:

The capital and largest city in Chad is N’Djamena. This is by no means a highly popular destination for visitors but there are several reasons to spend a day or so before travelling onwards.

Being chiefly a Muslim city there are a great many mosques, however, N’Djamena also has a cathedral, which although damaged severely during the civil war is still impressive. Other attractions include the Chad National Museum, though this also has suffered during the civil war and as a result has lost many of its artefacts to looting.

Other Cities
Although Chad does have other sizeable cities, there are not any significant attractions here to really warrant a visit from a passing tourist. It is Chad’s geography which would present more of a tourist attraction.

Lake Chad
Lake Chad, after which the country is named, is situated in the far west of the country on the borders with Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger with whom Chad also shares some of the lake. This was once one of the largest lakes in the world and though its area has varied considerably over the centuries it is now being rapidly depleted as the demand for its water is so strong; a problem which is made worse by the fact that this is such a shallow lake. Understandably there are now conflicts over who gets to use the water, so care should be taken when visiting. However, perhaps the opportunity to visit Lake Chad before it completely disappears should not be passed up.

The lake’s islands and waters are home to many species including crocodiles, birds and fish and although tourism is not big here a local fisherman would surely appreciate taking you out on the lake in return for a fee.

Chadian Sahara
In northern Chad is the Sahara. This huge land area is very sparsely populated except for nomadic wanderers and is a very inhospitable place for tourists. Services and infrastructure are even more limited than in the rest of Chad, so unless you are extremely well prepared, it’s best not to venture here.

When Should You Visit?:

Chad’s central Africa position and huge distance from the ocean makes this a very dry country, particularly in the north. However, the southern savanna can be quite a contrast, experiencing the wet season from May to October and being the home of two major rivers. Temperature-wise, Chad is hot year round.

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