Moundou Flights:

Flights to Moundou image of MoundouMoundou is the second-largest city in Chad, and located at the southern end of the country not far from the borders with Cameroon and the Central African Republic. It is not a busy tourist city and other than seeing typical Chadian life going on around you, there are not a lot of attractions to catch your attention. If you are travelling to other parts of Chad, there is a good paved road heading north towards the capital of N’Djamena.

You won’t be able to get any international flights to Moundou Airport (airport code: MQQ), but there are local flights to Moundou from N’Djamena with Toumi Air Chad. You can fly with South African Airways or Ethiopian Airlines to the N’Djamena International Airport (code: NDJ) and transfer there. Both of these options will have a connection in Addis Ababa. You can also fly to N’Djamena with Egyptair and have connections in Cairo as well as Addis Ababa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Moundou:

As a nation, Chad has been independent from France since 1960 and the common languages are still French and Arabic. The religious makeup of the country is mixed so you won’t find any one faith overly predominant in everyday lifestyle.

Manda National Park
The Manda National Park is to the east of Moundou and it will take a few hours of driving to get there. Most of the park is grassland though there is a flood-plain along the Chari River that makes up the northern border of the park. The nearby town of Sarh would have many supplies and amenities if you stop there before visiting the park.

Bouba Ndjida National Park
This national park area is actually over the border in Cameroon but border crossings between these countries is usually uneventful. It’s a landscape of savannah grasslands with many species of antelope, rhinos, buffalo, elephant and lions.

Gala Brewery
One of the main notable places in Moundou is the Gala Brewery. They have been running a successful business for many years, even during the various times of turmoil in the area. Many claim that their light-tasting beer is the best in Central Africa. You should stop for a pint or two and find out for yourself!

If you are coming to Moundou through the capital, there are a few things to see there if you plan your flight with a stopover. It would be a long drive back to N’Djamena for a day trip if you are not already heading there. The National Museum is there, and their Grande Marche is a large outdoor vendors market.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather is always quite hot in Moundou, and some months are more extreme than others. Choosing the right time for your trip can help make it as comfortable as possible. The hottest months are February, March and April. The day time high temperatures will often reach 40C (104F) though it cools to just over 20C (68F) at nights for a little relief. The cooler months are August and September. Then it will only get to 31C (88F). Unfortunately, that is also the wettest time of the year.

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