Sarh Flights:

Flights to Sarh image of SarhThe city of Sarh is in southern Chad, on the Chari River. Sarh is not a common stop as a tourist destination and the facilities for travellers are very simple at best. You will find the most adventure outside of town in one of the regions wildlife or nature parks.

The Sarh Airport (airport code: SRH) only handles flights to Sarh coming in from N’Djamena with Toumai Air Tchad. The N’Djamena International Airport (code: NDJ) is about 475km from Sarh, so getting on that local flight really is the best option! To arrive in N’Djamena, you can fly with either South African Airways or Ethiopian Airlines from South Africa. They will both have the same connection in Addis Ababa. You can also book a flight with Kenya Airways for a trip that stops in Nairobi as well as in Addis Ababa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sarh:

Manda National Park
The Manda National Park is a fairly small park but within a short drive from Sarh, so it is a common destination for anyone who comes to the area. It’s located to the north-west of town, and it is also on the Chari River. One of the main roads from Sarh goes right along the boundary of the park so it is easy to access. Inside, there are wetlands, forests and open savannah. Lions can be seen here, as well as the endangered African wild dog.

Zakouma National Park
Zakouma National Park is not as close and will take a few hours by car to access though there is a main road for most of the way. It is a smaller park than Manda, but actually much better for seeing animals. This area is partially forested with stretches of open grassland, and you can see elephants, antelopes, lions, wildebeest, giraffes and even some primates. Elephants are in the highest number and a relatively common sight in the park. Though it is a popular park for Chad, there are no accommodation facilities here so you’ll need to travel back to Sarh.

Bamingui-Bangoran National Park
About 100km away is the Bamingui-Bangoran National Park, though this is on the other side of the border in the Central African Republic. If you have proper permission (passports and Visas) you can get to the very large Bamingui-Bangoran National Park from Sarh. It has a variety of landscapes across the park and it is home to antelope, cheetahs, lions, wild dogs and there are manatees in the many small rivers that flow through the park.

When Should You Visit?:

Be aware that Sarh is a very hot place, and it always going to be a hot place no matter when you are there. The coolest months are also the rainiest, and that is from July until September. It reaches 31C (88F) in the daytime then, though it will drop around 10 degrees at night. It will be hotter in March and April, when it reaches 40C (104F) during the day. Again, it cools down to the same point at night as during the rest of the year though, around 21C (70F). Unfortunately, these hotter months are also the best times to see any local wildlife as the parks are not passable in the rainy season.

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