Banjul Flights:

Flights to Banjul image of BanjulThe City of Banjul is a small city, population wise, though it is the capital The Gambia, in West Africa. Situated on an island where the Gambia River flows into the Atlantic Ocean, Banjul is an attractive city with a few tourist attractions, and some lovely beach resorts on the outskirts.

Flights to Banjul arrive at the Banjul International Airport (airport code: BJL), known locally as the Yundum International Airport, and it serves nearly a million passengers a year. Even so, the service from Johannesburg is limited. Arik Air has a flight to Banjul that connects once in Lagos, and Lufthansa will make two connections in Frankfurt and Brussels for their route. Depending on the airline and the route taken, the total flight to Banjul could be between 29 hours or more than 45.

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The Tourist Attractions of Banjul:

Many tourists come to Banjul to enjoy The Gambia’s nice beach resorts, which by the way are becoming more and more popular each year. When you feel like having a break away from the beach and want to do something different the city has a small selection of attractions and landmarks.

Arch 22
The main landmark of Banjul is Arch 22, a commemorative arch that stands at the entrance into the city. Arch 22 was built to mark the coup d’etat that took place 22 July 1994 when the democratically elected government was overthrown, and is one of the tallest structures in The Gambia. From the upper floors of the arch there are some nice views over the city and down to the coast, and you can also visit the textile museum that is hosted on the top floor.

Other Attractions in Banjul
As well as the Textile Museum Banjul is home to the Banjul National Museum. It’s really quite a small museum but has some interesting exhibits all the same, focusing on the history and culture of The Gambia. The same can also be experienced at the African Heritage Museum, which is an art gallery cum museum and cultural centre, where the art that is on display is actually available to buy.

Other attractions include building landmarks such as the Banjul Court House, and the Banjul State House, and there are two cathedrals in Banjul as well as the large King Fahad Mosque. For shopping, visit Albert Market; a street market that dates back to the mid-19th century.

Beaches of Banjul
If you travel along the coast just outside of the centre of Banjul you’ll come to the city’s beach resorts. There are several resorts here and as the area grows in popularity, more are being built. For now the main ones are Kotu, Bakau and Fajara, with Bakau being the most established of them all. Bakau itself has several tourist attractions along with hotels and restaurants, including the botanical gardens, and the Kachically Crocodile Pool.

When Should You Visit?:

The most popular time to visit Banjul is from October to April as this mainly coincides with the dry season. The driest months are actually December to April, while July to October are the wettest. Temperatures don’t vary too much throughout the year, and the coolest weather is during the wet season, when the average high is around 29 to 30C. March is the hottest month with an average high of 34C.

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