Gambia Flights:

Flights to Gambia image of GambiaSituated in Western Africa, Gambia is the smallest country on the continental mainland of Africa with a total area of 10,380 square kilometres (4,007 sq miles). Gambia is completely surrounded by Senegal and has a very small coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.

Flights from South Africa to Gambia are available with several airlines, flying to the capital city, Banjul (airport code: BJL). For one stop flights to Gambia choose Delta and South African Airways via Dakar from Johannesburg. This is the most sensible route as the alternatives involve flying first to Europe then coming back south to Dakar and hence the journey will take far longer. The alternative flights to Gambia include Iberia via Madrid and Dakar and Air France via Paris and Dakar.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gambia:

Gambia has been steadily growing in popularity as an African tourist destination over the past decade in particular. Northern Europeans make up a large number of the visitors here and as demand increases so too does the tourist infrastructure. This means that Gambia has a good range of hotels and services on offer. Also of benefit is the fact that English is the official language of Gambia.

Banjul is Gambia’s capital city and if it weren’t situated on an island it would no doubt be the largest city too! The Banjul region is where the majority of tourists come and the city itself is attractive, even though it is lacking in a large variety of attractions. Arch 22 is probably the most noticeable feature of Banjul. This was built to commemorate the coup d’etat which occurred in 1994 and stands at the entrance to the city. You can go inside the arch for some good views of the city.

Other places to see include several mosques and two cathedrals as well as the Gambian National Museum.

Nearby to Banjul city are the coastal resorts of Bakau, Fajara and Kotu where many visitors stay. Bakau is the largest and most established of these resorts and is known for its beaches as well as the Kachically Crocodile Pool where you can get very close, and even touch, crocodiles, plus the botanical gardens. Most of Gambia’s hotels are situated here in Bakau and tourism is the chief economy. Fajara and Kotu are not as well established as Bakau, but they are growing in popularity leading to an increase in the number of hotels being built here too.

Abuko Nature Reserve
The Abuko Nature Reserve is 25 kilometres (15.6 miles) from Banjul and so is easily reachable for a day trip from the coast. Compared to most protected areas in Africa this is a very small reserve but it does present visitors with the opportunity to see Gambian wildlife. Animals include monkeys plus there are crocodiles and over 300 different species of birds.

When Should You Visit?:

Gambia has a tropical climate which is characterised by two seasons. Between June and November the temperatures are hotter but rainfall is high, then between November and May the temperatures are cooler but there is no rainfall. The main tourist season is October to April.

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