Brikama Flights:

Flights to Brikama image of BrikamaThe city of Brikama is at the western end of the Gambia, a country that winds along the Gambia River. It’s actually the smallest nation in Africa, surrounded on most sides by Senegal. Brikama is near the mouth of the river, and a short drive from the capital of Banjul.

The nearest airport for flights to Brikama is the Banjul International Airport (airport BJL), which is only about 8 kilometres away. Coming from Johannesburg will offer limited service, though there are one-stop flights to Brikama with South African Airways with a transfer in Dakar, or a route with Arik Air that will stop in Lagos. You can also travel with Lufthansa for a 2-stop flight via Frankfurt and Brussels. Flights to Brikama with any of these carriers can be long due to the layover delays.

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The Tourist Attractions of Brikama:

Just on the eastern side of Brikama is the small Furuya Forest Park where you can enjoy a little extra green landscape without hardly any travel time at all.

Abuko Nature Reserve
The Abuko Nature Reserve is a forested wetland area just north of the airport and it was the first wildlife reserve created in the Gambia. It’s just south of Banjul, so you may want to combine a stop here with a tour of that city (more on Banjul below). Animals you may see include various species of monkeys, crocodiles, antelope, porcupines, and mongooses. There is also a small orphanage for injured animals at the park.

Tanji Bird Reserve
North-west from Brikama is the Tanji Bird Reserve. It’s right on the ocean coast and is made up of swamplands, tidal flats, and mangrove forests. The location is ideal to see many species of water birds and a very different type of countryside compared to the areas right adjacent to Brikama.

Roots Tour
The so-called “Roots Tour” will take you on a boat cruise down the river to the small village of Juffureh and the old Albreda slave trading post. This is where the famous book “Roots” was set and it is an important part of Gambian history. The boat ride is nice in itself though the river is so wide that you can’t always see the shores as you travel farther into the country.

The capital city is just a short drive away from Brikama, to the north, so you can always head there for additional sights to see. The Albert Market is the main marketplace in Banjul and always worth a browse or two. They have fruits, vegetables, fabrics, crafts and stalls that sell cooked food for a quick authentic Gambian snack.

When Should You Visit?:

It is hot (32C or 90F) no matter when you go to Brikama but there can be a huge difference in rainfall from one season to the next. The rainy season runs from July until the end of October so you should try to plan your trip for any other months of the year. It is extremely dry with almost no rain at all for the rest of the year. Though the days are hot, it will cool off quite a bit in the evenings and nights for a little extra comfort.

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