Lamin Flights:

Flights to Lamin image of LaminLamin is a small town on the outskirts of the much-larger Gambian city of Serrekunda. There are no real attractions right in Lamin, but other cities and several nature parks are all within a very short drive.

The Banjul International Airport (airport code: BJL) is the nearest airport for flights to Lamin, and it is about 24km away. The service there is quite limited and if you are departing from Johannesburg, you are not going to have a lot of choices. There are flights to Lamin either with Lufthansa or Ethiopian Airlines. The first one has connections in Frankfurt and Brussels, and the second will make its stops in Addis Ababa and Dakar.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lamin:

Abuko Nature Reserve
Abuko Nature Reserve is a small park right next to Lamin, so it is probably going to be your first stop since it is so close. It’s mostly forested, and even though the park is small, there are a large number of animals living there. There are 3 different species of monkeys, and you can also see civets, antelope, mongooses, large monitor lizards, crocodiles and more. An animal rescue centre is also within the park, and can be visited to see the orphaned animals they are currently caring for. The Salagi Forest Park is a little farther to the west, and offers much of the same landscape if you want another spot to explore nearby.

The city of Serrekunda is just to the north-west of Lamin, and though it doesn’t have many additional attractions to offer, it does have a larger selection for shops, restaurants and other services you might need while in the Gambia. The central marketplace in Serrekunda is a great place to spend some time though, even if you don’t intend to buy anything.

Bijilo Forest Park
Bijilo Forest Park is another small park, just on the other side of Serrekunda. It’s right on the coast, so there is some beachfront within the park for a nice change of pace. The rest of the park is rainforest, and known for its monkey and primate populations. There are also more than 100 different types of bird living in Bijilo Forest Park.

Niumi National Park
You’ll need to take the ferry from Banjul to get to the Niumi National Park, which is on the North Coast. The park is a long narrow strip along the coast and you’ll find a different collection of animals here. Leopards, crocodiles and hyenas are very common, and if you watch the water you might see a manatee or African otter. The wetland areas are usually filled with migrating birds, so this is a popular park with bird-watchers.

When Should You Visit?:

You’ll need to enjoy hot weather when you come to Lamin, as even the coolest months are quite hot. The lowest temperatures are in August, when it reaches 29C (84F) in the daytime. That is also the heart of the rainy season so you can expect it to be very wet if you do come in August. The highest heat is in March and April with highs of 34C (93F), but it’s much drier. The best compromise between cool and dry would be December and January. No rain and temperatures around 31C (88F).

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