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Flights to Ashiaman image of AshiamanAshiaman is a community just north of Tema, which is on the outskirts of the Ghanian capital of Accra. Because it is part of such a large metropolitan area, you’ll find plenty of city attractions to keep you entertained. Most sights are within the city of Accra proper, but you can also head out of the city entirely to see the natural sights of Ghana.

Ashiaman is just outside of Accra, so you can arrive on a flight to Ashiaman at the Kotoka International Airport (airport code: ACC) on the other side of the city. Many flights come to Kotoka, and you can even get a non-stop flight with South African Airways. Otherwise, your flight to Ashiaman will have 1 or 2 connections. Air Namibia stops in Windhoek and Arik Air makes its transfer in Lagos. You can also fly with Kenya Airways to have stop-overs in Gaborone and Nairobi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ashiaman:

Digya National Park
You’ll have to take a bit of a scenic route around parts of Lake Volta, but the Digya National Park is still within a decent driving distance of Ashiaman. Most of the park’s area is a mix of savannah grassland and heavier forest, so you get to experience both types of scenery. Primates and elephants are the main wildlife elements to the park, though there are also hundreds of bird species there as well.

Keta Lagoon Protected Area
Along the coast to the east is the Keta Lagoon Protected Area that is filled with wetlands, river basins and mangrove forests. There isn’t a huge amount of wildlife other than huge flocks of birds and sea turtles along the beaches but you will certainly just enjoy the views of this lovely park.

James Fort and Lighthouse
There is a small old fort with lighthouse right on the coast at Ashiaman, and it’s a nice spot for photos and you can also get a good view of the city from the top.

National Museum
You can see all facets of Ghanian history at the National Museum, and it is certainly worth a little time some afternoon to do so. There are displays of jewellery, traditional clothing, musical instruments, metal-working, sculpture, furniture and many exhibits of royal regalia.

Timber Market
Though the timber market may not sound too appealing, the fetish market there is one of the best things to do in Accra. Skulls, reptile skins, Voodoo talismans, statues and more are all for sale. Some animal items may be prohibited in your home country so take care with what you choose to buy, but even just browsing is quite an experience.

When Should You Visit?:

There is only a seasonal variation of a few degrees between the “cool” months and the “hot months”. Basically, it is always hot in Ashiaman, and will be around 30C (86F) for most of the year. July and August are a couple of degrees cooler which would make them the best months for travel though the difference in weather is minimal. February and March are usually a degree or too hotter, and can reach 36C (98F) on rare occasions.

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