Ghana Flights:

Flights to Ghana image of GhanaGhana is a West African country with a coast on the Gulf of Guinea and borders with the neighbouring countries of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo.

International flights to Ghana all arrive at the capital city, Accra, where the airport is called Kotoka International Airport. Both direct and indirect flights are available from Johannesburg’s O R Tambo International airport, though if you would like to depart from any other city in South Africa you can go via Johannesburg and board a connecting flight.

You can choose to fly with one of four airlines, these being: South African Airways (SAA), British Airways (BA), Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ghana:

Ghana is steadily becoming a very popular West African tourist destination, known for its friendly and welcoming people and because it is safe to visit with its stable political and economical climate.

Western Ghana is the region at the south western edge of the country and features some excellent beach destinations and is famous for its stilt villages. One such place is the remote village of Nzulezo. This is in the Amansuri wetland and is reached only by water. Tourists can be taken there by dugout canoe from the town of Beyin, through mangrove forest and across Lake Tadane to the village.

Central Ghana is the central coastal region of the country. If you enjoy history then this is the place to visit! There are numerous ancient forts, dungeons for slaves and castles along this coast which were built by Europeans. Many of these have been declared World Heritage Monuments around the city of Cape Coast and Elmina.

In Central Ghana you will also find the famous Kakum National Park. This park offers a great opportunity to see rainforest up close, and the essential thing to do in the park is the Canopy Walk from which you can experience the rainforest 40 metres up! Just a few miles from the park is the Monkey Forest Resort – a small animal sanctuary and zoo where you can see many animals close up.

The Central Ghana coastline also has some excellent beaches to relax on and enjoy the tropical climate.

The next region along the coast is Greater Accra, where the capital city, Accra is located. Accra is quite a large city and its attractions are spaced out, so a good idea is to hire a car or even better, a car with a driver who doubles as a guide. This may sound like an expensive option but is in fact very reasonable for the service you are receiving.

The coastal region furthest east is called Volta and is dominated by the largest reservoir in the world, Lake Volta. The area around Ho offers much natural scenery, including waterfalls and caves as well as an animal sanctuary and ostrich farm.

Ghana’s most popular national park is Mole National Park in the north of the country. This is apparently not the most accessible of places – driving from Accra will take about 12 hours, though there is a small airstrip nearby so you may be able to get a flight on a small charter plane.

Mole National Park has over 90 mammal species, the most notable of which is its elephant population, though you can also see buffalo and waterbuck amongst others. Lions, leopards and hyenas have also been found in the park and there are about 300 different bird species too.

When Should You Visit?:

Ghana has a tropical climate, so the whole country is hot all year round. There are variations: the eastern coast is warm and quite dry, whilst the south west is hot and humid. Northern areas of the country and hot and dry.

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