Kumasi Flights:

Flights to Kumasi image of KumasiThe city of Kumasi is in south-central Ghana, and it has been a major city for the region since the late 1600s though there have been human settlements here since the Neolithic Age. Kumasi is a very large and modern city with many sights to attract visitors.

The local Kumasi Airport (airport code: KMS) only handles limited traffic for flights to Kumasi from Accra. So you can fly to the Kotoka International Airport (code: ACC) and then get a flight to Kumasi with Starbow Airlines or Antrak Air. To Accra from South Africa, you can get several flights with major airlines. Kenya Airways and Air Namibia both offer 1-stop flights, with connections in Nairobi and Windhoek, respectively. You can also get non-stop flights with South African Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kumasi:

Central Market
Open-air markets are a very common attraction in nearly any African city, but the central market in Kumasi is one of the largest on the continent. You really shouldn’t come to Kumasi without spending some time here, enjoying the hundreds of stalls selling hand-made crafts, fabrics, jewellery, fruits, vegetables and anything else you can think of!

Fort Kumasi
Built in 1820, Fort Kumasi is an old Asante fort that is now an extensive military museum in the centre of town. The red-stuccoed building has been fully restored. Inside, there are weapons and other military artefacts from the Asante-British war as well as WWII. Large items like the armoured cars and anti-aircraft guns are particularly interesting, but they also have a number of photographs, medals and other historical documents on display.

Kumasi Zoo
The Kumasi Zoo isn’t that large but they have a good collection of native animals from around Ghana. There are chimps, lions, elephants, many types of reptiles and birds. It’s located in the centre of town, just a short walk from the central marketplace so you can get there easily.

Manhiya Palace Museum
Though the role of the king in Kumasi is purely symbolic, his palace is still a popular attraction. He once ruled over the Ashanti people, who make up a large part of Kumasi population, and this was his residence prior to 1974. The displays show many items that represent the culture and history of the Ashanti.

Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary
Just on the north-western outskirts of the city is the Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary that is home to hundreds of bird species as well as antelope, bushpigs and even some monkeys. The park is a popular spot with locals and visitors considering how close it is to the city. It’s great for walking and for picnics.

When Should You Visit?:

Kumasi is hot and quite often either rainy or humid. There are some months that are more comfortable than others but the cooler times are usually when it is the wetter, so you will have to compromise one way or the other. The cooler season is in July and August when it will be 28C (82F) in the daytime, and it can be rainy in July. August is usually the best overall as the rains are minimal. It will be wet in May, June, July and again in October. February through April is when it reaches 33C (91F).

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