Tamale Flights:

Flights to Tamale image of TamaleTamale is a fairly large city in north-central Ghana, though there are few attractions specifically for tourists who travel there. The business areas downtown are mostly quite modern but you will find many residential areas with more traditional mud and grass houses. Though the country is mostly Christian, Tamale is a strongly Islamic city. English is widely spoken, particularly in most businesses though many residents are more fluent in local African languages.

The local Tamale Airport (airport code: TML) doesn’t handle any flights to Tamale from Johannesburg, but if you arrive at Kotoka International Airport (code: ACC) in Accra then you can gat a flight to Tamale with CityLink or Antrak Air from there. To Accra, you can fly non-stop with South African Airways or choose another airline for a one-stop route. Kenya Airways connects in Nairobi and Air Namibia will make a transfer in Windhoek.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tamale:

Mole National Park
Mole National Park is the largest wildlife park in Ghana, and the most popular one with tourists. It’s about 3 hours from Tamale and you will have to be driving a 4×4 in order to handle the rough roads. This park is popular because of the high density of wildlife living there. There are baboons, antelope, elephants, warthogs and more. Lions are unfortunately no longer found in Mole, though they once were. There is a motel on the premises that overlooks a watering hole so you can see many animals without leaving your room. You can either drive through the park or take a hike with an armed tour guide to see the animals up close.

Bui National Park
Bui National Park is a little smaller and farther to the south-west from Tamale than Mole National Park, and it is on the border with Cote d’Ivoire. The Black Volta River flows through the park, and maintains a large population of hippos, though you will also get the chance to see colobus monkeys and many kinds of antelopes there.

Sights in the City
Within Tamale itself, you can find a few things to keep you occupied during your stay. There are a few good markets, organized by the type of products sold. The fruit market is very colourful and you can buy any locally grown fruits from this busy spot. There are also markets for firewood and household tools. The markets are easy to find, as they are in the very centre of the city. Some of the larger mosques in the city are just north of the marketplace. The main parts of the city have paved roads and frequent street lights, so getting around is easy and convenient.

When Should You Visit?:

The climate in Tamale is dry and can get very hot during the summer months of February and March. That’s when it reaches around 36C (97F) during the daytime. Even during the hot season, the temperature will drop quite a bit at night which makes it comfortable for evening outings. Cooler days are found in July and August when the daytime highs are more around 29C (84F).

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