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Flights to Guinea-Bissau

image of Guinea-BissauThe Republic of Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa with a coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Guinea-Bissau also includes the Bijagos Islands, an archipelago of beautiful islands a short distance off the coast, and the whole country offers a nice selection of tourist attractions.

The Osvaldo Vieiro International Airport (airport code: OXB) is the main airport that serves all of Guinea-Bissau, and it is located just outside the capital city, Bissau. There are no direct flights to Guinea-Bissau from South Africa, and in fact the airport only handles flights to Guinea-Bissau from a few select countries. If you can get a flight to Casablanca, Conakry, Dakar, Praia or Lisbon then you get to Guinea-Bissau from there on a flight with Royal Air Maroc, Senegal Airlines, TACV, or TAP Portugal.

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The Tourist Attractions of Guinea-Bissau:

The city of Bissau is both the capital and largest city of Guinea-Bissau and also the main port for the country. It was founded by the Portuguese as a fortified port in 1687, and when the Portuguese left the city in 1974 they left behind colonial architecture that can still be seen today. Bissau Velho is the original centre of the Portuguese colony, and the once grand facades now appear mostly derelict and abandoned, making this an interesting, if eerie place to wander around.

Other attractions in Bissau include Fortaleza d’Amura, an old Portuguese fort, while the National Ethnographic Museum is a small museum but an interesting place.

Bijagos Islands
The Bijagos, or Bissagos, Islands is an archipelago of islands off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, and a popular tourist destination with a variety of things on offer. On the closest island to the mainland, Bolama, there are many more colonial buildings to see as this was actually the capital of the country up until 1941. Similar to Bissau Velho there are parts that seem abandoned and deserted, and some of the buildings are suffering from decay and neglect, however there are hopes to get the site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and perhaps it will be restored following that designation.

The majority of islands feature great beaches that are tropical in appearance, and very popular with tourists, and some are developing quite an eco-tourism reputation for their biodiversity.

Other Destinations of Interest in Guinea-Bissau
The city of Cacheu is an attractive little city that was once well known for its slave trading. There’s a small and attractive fort that still remains here today as a reminder of the slave trade it was from here that slaves were shipped to the Americas. Tarafes de Cacheu Natural Park is another attraction here, as is the cultural centre.

The city of Gabu is the furthest major city inland from the coast and it has a small colonial centre, and a couple of hotels and restaurants.

When Should You Visit?:

Guinea-Bissau has very heavy rain during its rainy season, which lasts from June to November, while the rest of the year it is really quite dry. The weather is hot and humid year round with an average of 26C across the year and only slight variation from month to month.

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