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Flights to Gabu

image of GabuGabu is not a very large city but it does have a thriving market business and is a major hub for the eastern Guinea-Bissau region. It was once known as Nova Lamego, and it sometimes still identified that way. The official language for Guinea-Bissau is Portuguese but it is not really commonly spoken in Gabu where you may find more people speak French. The majority will use Kriol, a mix of local African dialect and Portuguese.

The main airport in Guinea-Bissau is the Osvaldo Vieiro International Airport (airport code: OXB) and being about 150km away this is where flights to Gabu will arrive. There are regular buses and taxis that will take you between the cities. You’ll have to get a 2-stop flight to Gabu from South Africa but several airlines are available. Lufthansa will connect in Munich and Lisbon, and South African Airways has their transfers in Accra and Lisbon. You can another way with Arik Air, and have your transfers in Lagos and Dakar.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gabu:

There aren’t really any attractions specifically within Gabu though the market areas are fun to walk around and do a little shopping. The city is easy to get around however the roads are not paved. Most of the things to see in the area are outside of the city.

Dulombi-Boe National Park
Just south of Gabu is the large Dulombi-Boe National Park that comes up against the border with the Republic of Guinea. This park holds large stretches of grassland as well as some heavier forest areas. Typical wildlife includes a large number of parrot species as well as chimpanzees. If you are here in the late summer (when it is wetter), you can also find hippos, elephants and even some lions.

Cufada National Park
A little farther away to the west of Gabu is the Cufada National Park, which has much more wetland area than the Dulombi-Boe park. Most of the park is filled with lagoons, rivers and mangrove swamps. There are regular populations of chimpanzees, Colobus monkeys, crocodiles, duiker antelope and many kinds of birds. Manatees can sometimes be seen in the water.

Niokolo-Badiar National Park
This is a small part of the larger Niokolo-Koba National Park that continues across the border in Senegal. It is north-east from Gabu and about the same distance as the Cufada National Park. This is mostly a savannah and grassland park, and the wildlife you are likely to see includes many types of antelope, monkeys, leopards and some small prides of lions.

When Should You Visit?:

Though Gabu can get quite hot, there are a few points in the year when the climate is more comfortable for travellers. Plan your trip for December or January if possible, for the coolest and driest time of the year. It will be 24C (75F) during that time with no rain. It will be the hottest in April and May, and you can expect daytime high temperatures to reach 30C (86F) then. Rains will peak in August and September, when is also a little cooler. You may want to visit during the wetter times of the year if you plan on doing some wildlife watching.

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