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Flights to Conakry image of ConakryConakry is the Republic of Guinea’s capital and largest city, and it’s a port city, situated on the Atlantic Ocean. Originally Conakry was contained to Tombo Island, but has now grown so much that the city is spreading back up the peninsula of the mainland.

Conakry International Airport (airport code: CKY) is also known at the Gbessia International Airport, and is served by several airlines. You’ll be able to get a one-stop flight to Conakry from South Africa with either South African Airways or Air France, with stops in Dakar and Paris respectively. You can also book a flight to Conakry with Kenya Airways that will make connections in Nairobi as well as in Abidjan. Lufthansa and Ethiopian Airlines are two other options for flights to Conakry.

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The Tourist Attractions of Conakry:

Home to around 2 million people, which is about a quarter of the population of Guinea, Conakry is a fast growing city, with busy streets to show for it. Even so, Conakry does have attractions that will appeal to tourists, and as the cultural capital for the country you’ll find museums and major landmarks, as well as some more peaceful parts of Conakry when you want to get away.

Guinea National Museum
The major museum for Conakry, and for that matter for the whole of Guinea, is the Guinea National Museum. This is actually the largest museum in the country and is the place to come to explore more about the culture of Guinea. There are numerous exhibits including traditional masks, and entrance to the museum is free.

Conakry Grand Mosque
The Grand Mosque of Conakry lives up to its name as this is one of the largest mosques in West Africa. It was opened in 1982 and features four minarets with green tile coverings, and being so tall, these minarets make this one of the most recognisable landmarks in Conakry. Outside of prayer times non-Muslims are allowed inside but you must obey the rules regarding shoes and clothes.

Another religious landmark is Conakry Cathedral, named Cathedrale Sainte-Marie. This is a very distinctive church with its yellow and red colourings and was completed in the 1930s.

Conakry Botanical Garden
If you come to the city’s botanical gardens not expecting too much, you may be pleasantly surprised! This doesn’t have the same quality as many other city botanical gardens, but it is a nice place to come to escape some of the crowds and being close to Conakry Grand Mosque you can come here afterwards. The gardens have some areas of lush forests, as well as local and exotic plants.

Iles de Los
Another place to get away from the busy city streets are the Iles de Los. This is a collection of small islands off the coast of Conakry which is popular with tourists and locals. There are attractive beaches and nightlife, and you can get here easily from Conakry via frequent boat rides. If you want a quieter spot, choose the island of Roume, while Kassa is know for being more vibrant.

When Should You Visit?:

It’s best to avoid the rainy season when organising your trip to Conakry, and this lasts from June to October, and also coincides with the city’s cooler temperatures. The rest of the year is a few degrees hotter, but there’s really not much difference, ranging by just four degrees anyway, between 28C and 32C from March to May.

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