Guinea Flights:

Flights to Guinea image of GuineaGuinea is a West African country formerly a French colony, when it was known as French Guinea. This is a poor country and tourists who are visiting and expect a good infrastructure should think again! Despite this, the people of Guinea are very welcoming and friendly.

The main international airport for flights to Guinea is at the capital city, Conakry (airport code: CKY). Flights from South Africa are offered through a number of airlines, all requiring one or two stops. Delta and South African Airways have flights to Guinea from Johannesburg via Dakar, whilst Air France flies via Paris. For alternative two stop flights from South Africa airlines include Egyptair, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, BMI, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and El Al Israel.

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The Tourist Attractions of Guinea:

Conakry is the capital and by far the largest city of Guinea. Situated on the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean this is an important port and the hub of the country’s economy. Visitors to Guinea will arrive here and may want to spend a few days in the city. There are some good hotels here, including names like Novotel.

City attractions include the largest mosque in West Africa. Guinea is 85% Muslim and so the Conakry Grand Mosque is an important part of daily life for many residents. Other attractions include the Guinea National Museum and the People’s Palace (Guinea Palais du Peuple) plus markets and a fairly lively nightlife.

A ferry ride away from Conakry is Iles de Los. This is an island group off the coast of Guinea which is best known for the beaches and forests. One of the islands, Roume, was said to inspire the novel Treasure Island. The islands are popular with holidaymakers for the beautiful beaches and a more sedate way of life.

Back on the mainland, about 2 hours drive from Conakry, is the Soumba Waterfalls. This is a picturesque waterfall where you can swim and enjoy a meal in the restaurant afterwards.

Getting around Guinea is not the easiest thing. There are no buses here and there are restrictions on movement in and out of Conakry for example, where you cannot enter at night. Within Conakry, the cheapest and possibly easiest (when the traffic isn’t too heavy) way to get around is by taxi as these can be very inexpensive. Consider using the same one as your driver for the day as he will certainly appreciate the business! The most common way to get from city to city is by what’s called a ‘bush taxi’. These are essentially cars loaded up with people and there is no real schedule so don’t rely on getting anywhere by a certain time!

When Should You Visit?:

On the coast of Guinea, where the majority of visitors are likely to stay, there is a tropical climate. The temperatures do not vary much across the year, remaining quite high with high humidity too. The average year-round high is 29C, and the average low is 23C. The rainy season is not the best time to visit, lasting from April to November.

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