Kankan Flights:

Flights to Kankan image of KankanKankan is a large city in eastern Guinea, and it lies on the bank of the Milo River. It’s a regional capital but the city isn’t very wealthy and service will be quite basic. Specific tourist attractions are minimal though the city has great charm and character to it. Many people in Kankan speak Mandinka, but you will likely be able to communicate with most businesses if you speak some French as well.

The small Kankan Airport (airport code: KNN) doesn’t accept international air traffic, so your flight to Kankan from South Africa will have to come to the Bamako-Senou International Airport (code: BKO) which is 280km away in Mali. If you prefer to arrive in Guinea, then you will come to the Conakry International Airport (code: CKY). That option leaves you nearly 500km away from Kankan. Either way, you can get flights to Kankan from Johannesburg with South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines or Kenya Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kankan:

National Park of Upper Niger
Directly west of Kankan is the National Park of Upper Niger, which is the largest protected nature park in Guinea. It contains ranges of forest as well as grassland savannah, and there are some rivers that flow through the park as well. You will find many different areas of scenery to enjoy, and there is some great wildlife to be found. The chimpanzees are a tourist favourite, but you can also see lions, giant pangolins, and there are manatees in the river.

This is a cultural site about 40km away from Kankan. There are several traditional Mandingo villages there, and sacred pools that can give you an interesting look into the local culture.

The mosque in Kankan is not huge but it is a lovely building that stands out with white domed towers among the much small residential homes.

It should be no surprise that the best way to see Kankan life is to visit the market. As with most African markets, it’s a chaotic open-air affair filled with vendor tables of all sorts. Fruits, vegetables and other foods are common but there are also sellers with fabrics, clothing, household goods and your typical souvenirs. Spend some time browsing to see what Kankan is really like.

Kouroussa is another city to the north-west of Kankan that you will likely pass on your way to the Upper Niger park. You won’t get any additional tourist sights, but it can be a nice change of scenery and another opportunity to see some Guinean cities.

When Should You Visit?:

Some months in Kankan are going to be extremely hot, so you should really watch the calendar when you plan your trip. The best time to visit is in August when it reaches just 31F (88F) in the daytime, and that is as cool as it gets. It can also be a little rainy. But the heat will reach 38C (100F) in February through into May, so even if it’s a little damp August works out to be the most comfortable time.

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