Kindia Flights:

Flights to Kindia image of KindiaKindia is a city toward the western end of the Republic of Guinea (which should not be confused with either Guinea-Bissau or the Republic of Equatorial Guinea). It is an Islamic nation where French is the main language spoken, particularly in the larger cities like Kindia.

The closest airport for international flights to Kindia is the Conakry International Airport (airport code: CKY) which is 100km away. There are both public buses and a train route between Kindia and Conakry from convenient access. Flights to Kindia are available with several airlines from South Africa, but Air France is the only one-stop option with a connection in Paris. South African Airways goes through Accra and Lome but a flight with Arik Air goes another way via Lagos and Dakar.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kindia:

Mount Gangan
The local peak of Mount Gangan is a popular place for a little hiking. The scenery is lush and beautiful as you walk and you will get a perfect view over Kindia as you get closer to the top.

Bridal Veil Falls
Also known as the Voile de la Mariee, this lovely high waterfall is a nice spot outside of the city that is one of the popular local attractions of Kindia. The water is flowing the most during the “rainy season” in August.

There is a very busy market in Kindia, and it is always bustling with residents who are shopping for fresh produce and other goods. Aside from the fruits and vegetables, you can also buy fabric, baskets and a lot more.

National Park of Upper Niger
It will take a few hours of travel from Kindia to get there, but the National Park of Upper Niger is the largest park in Guinea and still within reach of Kindia. It is partially forested with the rest of the area covered in open grassland. Chimpanzees and lions are found here, but you can also see less common animals such as otters and manatees (through the river areas).

The main road going through Kindia will take you to Conakry, which is the much-larger capital city to the west. The city is on the coast and offers many attractions for tourists. The Conakry National Museum is one of many historical places to see, along with the Presidential Palace. You can also take a relaxing stroll through the Botanical Gardens. There are also several large outdoor markets in Conakry that should not be missed.

When Should You Visit?:

You will find that no matter when you go, Kindia is going to be hot and probably dry. The best time for travellers to come to Kindia is in July and August. The temperature drops during those months and it will only reach 32C (90F) at the peak of the day. It can be a little wetter in these months but only minimally. You probably should avoid travel from March until May. That time of the year is extremely hot, reaching 40C (104F). It will drop to around 24C (75F) or lower in the evenings though.

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