Nzerekore Flights:

Flights to Nzerekore image of NzerekoreNzerekore is one of the larger cities in Guinea, and it is located in the south-eastern part of the country near the border with Liberia. Guinea was originally colonized by France but the country has been independent since 1958. Political difficulties over the years have kept the country from thriving but its laid-back simplicity is actually more appealing to many travellers.

The small Nzerekore Airport (airport code: NZE) is not accepting any commercial flights to Nzerekore, so any flights to Nzerekore will actually have to arrive at another airport and from there you would make the drive. The nearest one that takes international flights is the Roberts International Airport (code: ROB) which is in neighbouring Liberia. It will be about 250 kilometres to Nzerekore from there. To Monrovia, you can get a one-stop flight with South African Airways that has a connection in Accra. Arik Air will stop once in Lagos.

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The Tourist Attractions of Nzerekore:

On the whole, there are no dramatic tourist attractions in Nzerekore so you should not expect to be entertained in the typical way. You will see a friendly city that has a completely authentic air of West Africa. The official language is French though many people also speak their local tribal languages as well.

Within the city, the most interesting things to see are the people themselves. Walk through some of the streets to see the city and the culture. There is a small regional museum near the downtown area, and the open-air market is also worth a visit. It is primarily a Christian city but there is one very large and attractive mosque in Nzerekore. One of the nicer hotels is Mount Nimba Resort which is located near the southern end of the city.

The roads outside of Nzerekore can be rough so allow yourself extra drive-time if you are leaving the city to explore the nearby villages or countryside. The region around Nzerekore is heavily forested and quite beautiful to see.

Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
The UNESCO protected Mount Nimba Nature Reserve extends across the border between Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire. Mount Richard-Molard (also known as Mount Nimba) is within the park, and it is also the highest point in the country. The park has chimpanzees and some big cats. There aren’t really any tourist facilities for the park, so you will be on your own to hike through the area. It can be rugged, so don’t plan on visiting the Mount Nimba park if you just want a light walk in the afternoon.

When Should You Visit?:

The hot weather in Nzerekore can also be quite dry but the rainy season in July, August and September does bring a little relief. It will rain almost daily during these months but the temperatures are only 27C (81F). Other times of the year it will be around 30C (86F) instead. November and December are the best times to plan a trip as the rains have diminished and the temperatures are still low.

If you are travelling in the rainy season, make sure to have anti-malaria medication with you (there are no vaccines for this).

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