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Flights to Hlotse

image of HlotseThe town of Hlotse is in northern Lesotho, just a few kilometres from the border with South Africa. It is not a large city but there are a few things to see and do in the vicinity.

You can’t get a flight to Hlotse directly, but the Moshoeshoe I International Airport (airport code: MSU) is 80km away in Maseru and it offers flights to Hlotse from Johannesburg. Unfortunately, even their service is very limited. You will only have a flight option with South African Airways and they have a non-stop route. The flight is typically under an hour in length, and you can get a bus between Hlotse and Maseru.

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The Tourist Attractions of Hlotse:

Leribe Craft Centre
The Leribe Craft Centre is a well-known shopping spot and the place to go for any hand-made Hlotse souvenirs. Most of the items are made from wool, and you can find the centre on the main road entering town.

Afri-Ski Resort
The Maluti Mountain range is south of Hlotse, and you can go hiking through the area or hit the ski slopes if you are there from June until August. For skiing there are several maintained runs, and there are also marked trails if you are there for off-season activities.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park
This small nature park is a short drive to the north-east but also across the border in South Africa. If you want o cross back into South Africa, this is a good park to see while in Hlotse. It is a rugged park filled with sandstone cliffs, canyons and ravines. The Brandwag Rock is the most famous one, and there are some known caves with ancient rock paintings inside. The Golden Gate Park is also home to a variety of local wildlife, including zebras and large antelope species called eland. There is a lodge within the park for accommodations if you plan on staying for more than one day.

Maseru isn’t that far from Hlotse though it doesn’t offer too many additional attractions either. You will get additional opportunities for shopping, restaurants and other conveniences.

And another large city within driving distance of Hlotse is Johannesburg. It’s farther than the Golden gate Park and would take a couple of hours to get there so you may want to plan on spending a full day or more. There are several excellent museums and a historic fort in the city. You can also see the Johannesburg Zoo and the Gold Reed City amusement park.

When Should You Visit?:

Most of the year is very comfortable in Hlotse and you can plan your trip anytime for good weather. Their winter months of June and July are actually a little cool and would require at least a jacket while outdoors. The average highs for those months are 13C (55F) and it will drop to freezing at nights. Warmer weather sets in from December until early February when it will reach 24C (75F) in the daytime. The cooler months are also the driest but rains are never heavy in Hlotse.

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