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image of LesothoLesotho is a relatively small country in southern Africa, and is completely landlocked by surrounding South Africa. It is known as the ‘Kingdom in the Sky’ because the whole country is at such a high altitude, all of it being above 1000 metres!

Direct flights from South Africa to Lesotho are available only from Johannesburg’s International Airport (O R Tambo), so if you’re leaving from any other part of South Africa you’ll need to catch a flight to Johannesburg first then get on a connecting flight to Lesotho.

There is not much competition for your flight, as only South African Airways (SAA) flies to Lesotho’s capital city, Maseru, a couple of times a day.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lesotho:

Lesotho is establishing itself as a great adventure holiday destination and hence many of its tourist attractions are outdoor activities. The country is also renowned for having very friendly and welcoming citizens.

In the Lesotho Highlands you’ll find Southern Africa’s highest single drop waterfall, Maletsunyane Falls, near the small town of Semonkong. The 200 metre high falls can be reached by hiking (takes about one hour) or pony-trekking for the more adventurous visitors, but for those who can’t hike or ride, the falls are also accessible by vehicle, preferably a 4×4.

There are two choices for getting to the bottom of the falls: either a relatively safe, but hard-going, clamber down the gorge sides or for those daring enough you could try the world’s highest commercial abseil! Once at the bottom it’s not unusual to find snow, even in the middle of the summer, as no sun makes it through.

The Katse Dam is an impressive sight; named after the small village in the Lesotho Highlands which is now nearby to the man-made reservoir formed by the creation of the dam. Katse Dam was constructed for the purpose of selling water to neighbouring South Africa, which is done by using a gravity-fed system, and also to produce hydro-electricity for Lesotho itself.

Maseru is the capital and largest city of Lesotho, and although doesn’t have much here to appeal to tourists it’s a good base for the neighbouring area. You can also catch a charter flight from the smaller Moeshoeshoe I airport with a company called Mission Aviation who fly to most airstrips in Lesotho. Although fares are expensive the cost may be worthwhile it you want t reach the interior of the country quickly.

For a day-trip out of Maseru you can visit Thaba Bosiu, about 6 miles (10km) from the city. These are the mountains which were used as a stronghold by King Moeshoeshoe in the 19th century when the Kingdom of Lesotho was established. You can visit the information centre before hiking up to the top where King Moeshoeshoe and other royalty are buried. There will soon be a ‘cultural village’ nearby which is currently under construction.

About 40 miles (64km) from Maseru is the small town of Morija. Here you’ll find the Morija Museum and a hike into the hills outside the town will bring you to some dinosaur prints!

When Should You Visit?:

With a high altitude, Lesotho is cooler than its neighbouring South Africa. Snow in the Highlands is very common all year round, and also possible during the winter in the lower-lands. Rain falls in the summer, often accompanied by severe thunderstorms.

In the winter (May to September), the lowlands will drop to -7C (19F) and the highlands to -18C (0F), whilst in the summer temperatures reach a warm 30C (86F) in the lowlands and the capital, Maseru.

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