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Flights to Mafeteng

image of MafetengThe small city of Mafeteng is at the western edge of Lesotho, very close to the South African border. It’s not a classic tourist city and there are not a large number of specific attractions for you to see. Even so, you can definitely keep yourself occupied in and around Mafeteng if you want to see Lesotho scenery.

The closest airport for flights to Mafeteng is the Moshoeshoe I International Airport (airport code: MSU) and it’s about 50km away in Maseru. It’s the main airport for Lesotho but there is only going to be one option when flying from Johannesburg. You can get a non-stop flight to Mafeteng only with South African Airways, and it will take just under an hour. You’ll be able to get a public bus from Maseru to Mafeteng.

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The Tourist Attractions of Mafeteng:

You may find that people in businesses or at tourist areas may speak English or some Afrikaans but otherwise most people here will speak Sesotho. You can use South African or Lesotho currency while in Mafeteng, they are pegged at equal value.

Caledon Nature Reserve
The Caledon Nature Reserve is just over the border, if you want to cross back into South Africa. There is a sizable river that flows through the middle of this small reserve, and you can usually see many species of gazelle as well as wildebeest and zebra. You can stay overnight at one of the bush camps, and spend some time on the water fishing as well as hiking through the grasslands and forest.

Exploring the Countryside
Mafeteng is in a very rugged and rocky region of Lesotho, which offers some very beautiful scenery if you don’t mind a little hiking and the occasional bit of rock climbing. Horseback tours are a common and popular way of seeing the landscape without the extra effort.

Heading north from Mafeteng can take you to the capital, named Maseru, which would offer a full day (or more) of additional sights and attractions when you are done seeing everything in Mafeteng. There is a busy ski resort about an hour from Maseru up in the Maluti Mountains, and the area is excellent for hiking or horseback riding if you are not there during the winter. Also not far from Maseru is the winding Sani Pass that will require a 4×4 to handle. It’s a great drive and will take you to the Natal Drakensberg Park if you go the entire length and cross into South Africa.

When Should You Visit?:

The high altitudes of Lesotho make for very comfortable weather in Mafeteng for most of the year. It will get hot from November until late February when it reaches 27C (81F) in the daytime, and the rains are typically the heaviest during these months as well. June and July are very pleasantly cool at 15C (59F) in the day, though it can drop to almost freezing at night. A nice middle ground can be found in the spring or autumn if you prefer warmer weather.

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