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Flights to Maseru

image of MaseruMaseru is the capital of Lesotho as well as its largest city, located to the north-west of the country by the border with South Africa. Many of the attractions here are outside of the city, so plan on getting outdoors while you are there.

Flights to Maseru arrive at the Moshoeshoe I International Airport (airport code: MSU), which is about 18 kilometres away from downtown. While it is the main airport for flights to Maseru and the rest of Lesotho, there are only a limited number of flight options when coming from Johannesburg. In fact, the only regularly scheduled flight to Maseru is with South African Airways and they fly direct. The entire flight lasts less than an hour.

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The Tourist Attractions of Maseru:

Sani Pass
The somewhat treacherous Sani Pass road that follows this mountain pass is a great drive for scenery if you have a 4×4. It’s right at the border with South Africa, and if you wish, you can cross back over the border and drive right into the Natal Drakensberg Park on the SA side. The whole route is about 9 kilometres but the rough and winding road will take a while to navigate.

Afri-Ski Resort
Up in the Maluti Mountains is Lesotho’s only ski resort, and it’s about 130 kilometres away from Maseru. There is a resort facility though only a few ski runs. Skiing is available from June through August, and you can take part in other mountaineering activities from October until April.

Katse Dam
This large concrete dam is one of the largest in Africa and spans the Malibamat’so River. There is a good road from Maseru that will take you to the dam and along the edge of the reservoir. The views are amazing and there is an information centre at the dam where you can learn more about the whole water project.

Thaba Bosiu
Thaba Bosiu is a high rocky plateau where an important stronghold one stood, making this an important location in Lesotho history. King Moeshoeshoe is buried here and it is a steep but reasonable climb to the top. You can get a guided tour out of Maseru to take you to the top and hear more about the history of the area, and the cultural village nearby has crafts for sale.

Maluti Mountains
Aside from the above mentioned Afri-Ski, there are many other activities that can keep you busy up in the Maluti Mountains. There are several places to go hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding. Some tour companies can take you hang-gliding here as well.

Basotho Hat Store
It’s not the cheapest place to buy souvenirs but this large hat-shaped gift and craft store is a typical tourist stop when you are in Maseru. You should take a few minutes to browse around even if you’re not in the market for a souvenir.

When Should You Visit?:

The summer months are quite warm in Maseru but it never gets too uncomfortably hot. December and February will reach 28C (82F) during the day and it can be rainy at that time as well. So the best time to visit for good outdoor conditions would be from May until August. It’s still around 17C (62F) during those months and the rainfall is minimal. If you do prefer warmer weather, March and April as well as September and October are going to be closer to 23C (73F).

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