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image of TeyateyanengTeyateyaneng is a city in north-western Lesotho, near the border with South Africa. As a nation, Lesotho is actually completely surrounded by South Africa, so all of its borders are with that country. As a former colony of the United Kingdom, English is fairly common but the local language, called Sesotho, is more widely used.

Maseru is only 32 kilometres away from Teyateyaneng so it is easiest to get a flight to Teyateyaneng to arrive at the Moshoeshoe I International Airport (airport code: MSU) located there. It’s the main airport for all air traffic coming to Lesotho. Because of the close proximity to Johannesburg, it is only an hour long flight and is covered by just one airline: South African Airways has a direct flight to Teyateyaneng.

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The Tourist Attractions of Teyateyaneng:

Setsoto Design Gallery
Teyateyaneng is known for its textile history, and the Sesotho Design Gallery is a very good place to see that up close. You can see wall hangings, rugs, and tapestries on display in the gallery and also purchase a unique souvenir in their shop. The works are made by local women and sold all around the world.

Thaba Bosiu
Not far from Teyateyaneng to the west is the plateau of Thaba Bosiu. The view of the surrounding countryside is breath-taking and there are ruins of an early 19th century Basotho fortress as well. The climb to the top can be rocky and a little steep but it is a common spot for tourists to visit. There are some nice waterfalls nearby at Qiloane.

It’s a short trip into Maseru to the south-west so it is easy enough to have a day trip or two to the city for some added sights to see. The National Museum of Lesotho is in Maseru, and the large Royal Palace is another popular spot to see. If you are going to go shopping, you really should stop at the famous Basotho Hat Store. You can’t miss it as it’s shaped like a hat! There is also more shopping and restaurants in Maseru compared to Teyateyaneng, so you could easily fill a day there.

Afri-Ski Resort
You can go skiing in the winters at the Afri-Ski Resort, or just hiking and horseback riding during the rest of the year up in the Maluti Mountains. It will take a bit of a drive from Teyateyaneng but the scenery is very nice through the mountains. It is less than 100km but you should plan on a couple hours of driving due to the roads.

When Should You Visit?:

You will find that Teyateyaneng is very comfortable no matter what time of the year you go. Some months will be cool enough for a jacket but it never gets too extreme with either heat or cold. The warmest weather is in December and January. Even then, it only gets to 24C (75F) in the daytime. Cooler weather comes in around June and July. Those days are about 13C (55F) and can drop to close to freezing at night.

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