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image of GbarngaGbarnga is in north-central Liberia, a country in western Africa between Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone. Much of the country is made up of heavy rainforests though the plateaus have more hilly grasslands. Though Gbarnga is one of the largest in the country, this is very much a rural area with few amenities for travellers. The roads are all dirt and most people get around on older motorcycles.

The main Liberia airport outside of Monrovia, Roberts International Airport (airport code: ROB), is the closest one for flights to Gbarnga. It is approximately 130 kilometres away. Several 1 and 2 stop flights to Gbarnga are available from South Africa. South African Airways has 1 connection in Accra, and you can also fly with Arik Air to have a transfer in Lagos. Kenya Airways offers a 2-stop flight to Gbarnga that has transfers in Gaborone and Nairobi instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gbarnga:

The country was founded by many freed slaves from America so the main language spoken in Gbarnga is English though it is a rough Creole dialect that can be hard to understand at first. The people are very friendly and are usually quite curious about foreigners.

Tourists do not often come to Gbarnga given its distance from the main city of Monrovia and lack of immediate tourist attractions. There is a very nice waterfall just outside of the city that most people go to see while they are here. You can see a very authentic view of west African life in Gbarnga which can be a wonderful experience if you are looking to get away from the “tourist traps”.

Nimba Nature Reserve
The small Nimba Nature Reserve crosses the borders with Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire, and is a strictly protected UNESCO site. There are no tourist facilities at Nimba Nature Reserve even though they do have some regular populations of chimps and some big cats. It’s a steep and rugged area, with a high point at the top of Mount Nimba. If you are going to head this way, it is about a 100km trip from Gbarnga.

There are regular bush taxis for the 165km trip between Gbarnga and Monrovia so you don’t necessarily have to make the drive yourself. The trip will take several hours due to the road conditions, which are fair to good. The city has many modern conveniences for shopping and dining, and there are some attractions for you to take in. The National Museum is in Monrovia, and there are some very nice sandy beaches just outside the city that are rarely busy.

When Should You Visit?:

All months in Gbarnga are comfortable so you should be able to arrange your trip any time you want and have good weather. The average temperature is 19C (66F) and most nights are cool enough to warrant a jacket. If you prefer it a little warmer, you can see Gbarnga in January or February when the highs are 23C (74F). Cooler weather comes at two points of the year, in both April and September. Then it will only reach 15C (59F) during the day.

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