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image of LiberiaLiberia is a country situated in West Africa where it has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded by freed African American slaves in 1822, who named their capital city Monrovia after the then current US president James Monroe. Despite these links with the United States, due to recent civil wars and unrest, Liberia is not recommended for travel at this present time. However, the information provided below is given for a time when the situation improves.

Monrovia International Airport (airport code: ROB) is the main gateway for flights to Liberia and is situated about 60 kilometres (37.5 miles) from the city centre of Robertsfield. Flights from South Africa are available with one or two stops. South African Airways offer one stop flights to Liberia from Johannesburg via Accra, or fly with Kenya Airways via Lusaka and Nairobi, Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa and Lagos, or Delta Airlines via Dakar and Accra.

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The Tourist Attractions of Liberia:

As mentioned above, Liberia has suffered from the civil wars over the last couple of decades. Although the country is turning to a state of stability, the economy was badly affected during these wars and hence there is not a very good tourism infrastructure here. Monrovia is the most developed in terms of hotels, restaurants and attractions, and although there are other places within Liberia which may be of interest, tourists should be aware that facilities such as accommodation will be severely lacking.

The capital and largest city of Liberia is Monrovia and the city is situated on the coast. There are several places of interest here though if you’re visiting for more than a few days you may find your options for things to do run out!

Attractions include the National Museum of Liberia where you can find out more about how the country came into being and how it is so well tied to the United States in many ways. For a more local cultural experience, the Waterside Market is a good place to visit for a variety of goods, and if you’re looking for a supermarket to buy some groceries in there are several in Monrovia which have imported goods from the US and Europe. Monrovia and the surrounding coastline also has a number of beaches to enjoy.

Not far from Monrovia is Paynesville. This town is famous for its human-face shaped rock formation, called Blo Degbo Rock. Paynesville is also renowned as being a popular location for skydiving which people do from the tall radio mast here – the disused radio mast is the tallest structure in Africa.

Sapo National Park
South down the coast from Monrovia is the town of Greenville which can be used as a gateway to Liberia’s only national Park, Sapo.

Sapo National Park contains the second largest area of primary rainforest in West Africa. Unfortunately the civil wars have not helped the park as infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, but it is slowly getting these things back. There are several varieties of animals here, though Sapo is most renowned for its pygmy hippos and elephants.

When Should You Visit?:

With its close proximity to the equator, Liberia has an equatorial climate. This gives the country hot temperatures all year round and a rainy season from May to October, which lets off a little in mid-July to August.

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