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Flights to Harper

image of GbarngaThe small town of Harper is located at the very southern tip of Liberia, on the coast and near the border with Cote d’Ivoire. You should be aware that facilities are extremely limited, and that includes only sporadic availability of electricity. If you’re looking for a little rough adventure, Harper could be a good place to come!

The Cape Palmas Airport (airport code: CPA) that serves Harper is not open for regular commercial air traffic, so flights to Harper will have to arrive in Monrovia if you are coming from Johannesburg. There are 2 airports in Monrovia that handle international flights: Spriggs Payne Airport (code: MLW) and the Roberts International Airport (code: ROB). Both are around 400km away from Harper, and you can either rent a car or take the bus. Flights to either airport in Monrovia are available with Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines or South African Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Harper:

The national language in Liberia is English so you should have no difficulties with communication while in Harper. Many street and town names are American-sounding due to the country having been founded by freed American slaves in the 1800s.

Sapo National Park
Though there are not many tourist facilities available, this park is quite remarkable for its species diversity. The forested areas are just bursting with animal life and you will be well-rewarded if you spend time looking for wildlife in Sapo. The thick forests are a beauty in their own right, but you may see forest elephants, chimpanzees, pygmy hippos, duiker antelope, several small wild cats, pangolins, leopards, crocodiles and seven different species of tree monkey.

Tai National Park
You will have to cross the border from Harper into Cote d’Ivoire but there is a border crossing not far from Harper that makes it fairly easy. It is about as far north as the Sapo National Park and the main road will take you there. Here you’ll find many of the same animals as in Sapo, like the pygmy hippo, leopards, chimpanzees, monkeys and duikers. There are some differences with the other park though, such that it is much larger and there are more river basins and wetlands for a change of scenery.

Though it may not be what you think of first when planning a trip to Liberia, there are some gorgeous beaches around Harper. No matter which way you go along the coast from town, you’ll find miles of empty sandy beaches. Surrounded by heavy forest, many of these beaches are isolated and quite private. They’re ideal for a little sun-bathing or swimming but you won’t find any services or shops at them.

When Should You Visit?:

To avoid the high heat of summer and the two rainy seasons in Harper, you should try to plan your trip in July or August if possible. It is somewhat drier and the temperatures are a cooler 26C (79F) in the daytime. That is typically the best weather you’ll get. May, June, September and October are all very wet in Harper and the heat is at it’s highest in March and April. Then it will be at least 31C (88F) through the daytime.

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