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Flights to Kakata

image of KakataKakata is not a very large city but you will always find basic services while you are staying in town. Some of the roads are paved but only those right in the heart of the city. Most people in Kakata will speak English so you should have no problem being understood as you spend time there.

It is only about 55km to Monrovia, so the most convenient flights to Kakata arrive at the Roberts International Airport (airport code: ROB) in that city. To get this flight to Kakata from South Africa, you can fly with Kenya Airways or South African Airways. The first one will connect in Nairobi and the second one stops in Lagos. Ethiopian Airlines has 2 connections in Addis Ababa and Accra. Most flights to Kakata will be over 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kakata:

There are no particular sights around town that are notable to point out, but you can see the city to get a feel for what life is like. The people are very friendly and tourists are quite safe to walk on their own around town. Restaurants offer many cuisines but you will find the best food is the classic Liberian dishes, which are also quite inexpensive.

Lofa-Mano National Park
Lofa-Mano National Park is not too far to the north of Kakata, but the road may not provide the most straightforward route there. It is right on the border with Sierra Leone, and it continues as the Gola North Forest Reserve on the other side. There are huge numbers of birds within the park, as well as some larger mammals. Though they are not reported in high numbers, you can see forest elephants, hippos, chimpanzees and a couple species of tree monkey. Most of the park is forested, with some portions of true rainforest, but there are also rocky areas and savannah grassland. It really offers a wide range of landscapes to explore.

The capital city of Monrovia is not far, and its location on the coast offers a few more attractions if you wanted to take a day trip farther south from Kakata. The Liberian National Museum is in Monrovia, and it is the best place to see a little more about the unique history of the country. Find some good souvenir shops and see about getting a carved wooden mask. Liberian masks are quite beautiful and one of their better known handicrafts. There are also many good beaches along the coast just outside of the city if you want relax and get some sun.

When Should You Visit?:

It is hot in Kakata, and it is going to be hot no matter what time of year you choose to travel. You can make adjustments in your plans if you want the weather to be as comfortable as possible. The best weather for sight-seeing is in July when it is 24C (75F) in the daytime. It hovers around 26C (79F) for most of the other months, but will peak at 29C (84F) in March.

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