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image of MonroviaMonrovia is Liberia’s capital and largest city, situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast, with an important harbour. Monrovia doesn’t have too many attractions despite the fact this it is the capital, but there are a few things to see before heading off to other parts of Liberia.

The nearest airport for flights to Monrovia is the Roberts International Airport (airport code: ROB), which is about 37 miles away from the city. There are many airlines that serve the airport, so there is a good selection of flights to Monrovia to choose from when coming from Johannesburg. South African Airways has a 1-stop route that goes through Accra, and Air France will connect just once in Paris. If you fly with Kenya Airways, you will have transfers in Gabarone and Nairobi, but a flight to Monrovia with Lufthansa stops in Frankfurt and Brussels instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Monrovia:

The infrastructure in Monrovia may not be up to the standards that many tourists expect, so don’t come visiting Monrovia with high expectations. Having said that, there are a range of different classes of hotels here, so you’ll always find somewhere to stay in Monrovia. At the high end, prices are steep though, so be prepared to pay out if you want a better hotel.

National Museum of Liberia
Monrovia is home to Liberia’s National Museum where you can find out more about the history and culture of the city and the country as a whole. The museum is housed within the Old Supreme Court Building, having moved to a variety of premises since it was first established in 1958. Liberia’s civil wars have taken their toll on the collections in the museum, however there are still interesting artefacts and exhibits to see, including some on the wars themselves.

Shopping in Monrovia
Monrovia’s Waterside Market is a popular shopping place for both locals and tourists, selling a variety of goods, and there are also shopping streets with a good selection of stores including clothing, shoes, electronics, art and traditional crafts.

Beaches and Other Attractions in Monrovia
You probably wouldn’t come to Monrovia for a beach holiday but the city does have some nice beaches if you need a day of relaxation, or you can travel further down the coast to some of the country’s smaller towns and cities.

Providence Island offers an escape from the main city of Monrovia and there’s a cultural centre here to see, plus another attraction is the Monrovia Zoo.

Attractions Outside Monrovia
Greensville is one of those other coastal towns. It’s a far distance from Monrovia but it is a popular destination as it serves as the gateway to the Sapo National Park. This is the only national park of Liberia and it’s home to West Africa’s second largest rainforest.

Another attraction, but one that’s much closer to Monrovia, is Paynesville. This town is famous for its unique rock formation which resembles a human face, and it’s called the Blo Degbo Rock!

When Should You Visit?:

Monrovia is a wet city thanks to its tropical monsoon climate so expect rainfall at any time of the year. The main rainy season lasts from May to October though, and is probably best avoided. The temperature doesn’t vary much across the year with average highs between 27 and 31C.

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