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image of MatolaAt the southern tip of Mozambique, Matola is a large city and important industrial port for the country. The city is just a few kilometres away from the capital, Maputo, so you can really visit in either city while you are there. The most commonly spoken language is Portuguese, though local African languages are also used.

Maputo International Airport (airport code: MPM) is the main entry point for Mozambique and the closest airport for flights to Matola, being only 12 kilometres away. When coming from Johannesburg you will only have 2 airlines to choose from, but they do both offer a non-stop route. The flight to Matola will only take about an hour, and you can fly with either South African Airways or Linhas Aereas de Mocambique.

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The Tourist Attractions of Matola:

Matola Zoo
Matola Zoo is a small zoo with simple cage enclosures for its animals. You can see several local species, such as lions and monkeys but it is not a large facility and you will probably see more if you take a drive to the local nature reserves, such as the Maputo Elephant Reserve.

Maputo Elephant Reserve
The Maputo Elephant Reserve is south of Matola, just across Maputo Bay. You can take your 4×4 vehicle through the park and see hippos, elephants, rhinos and plenty of crocodiles. There are some areas where you can get out and walk around, or bring a picnic lunch.

Since the two cities border each other, it is easy enough to see the sights in Maputo while staying in Matola. There are several museums, such as the Natural History Museum and the Museum of the Revolution, where you can see more about the history and culture of the Matola area. The Central Mercado is the place to go browsing for fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and many other household goods for souvenirs. You can also see a little more history up close at the old Maputo Fortress that was built by the Portuguese in 1782. There is a small military museum inside now.

Mala-Mala Game Reserve
To the north-west of the city is the Mala-Mala Game Reserve, though you will have to cross the border back into South Africa to get there. It is less than 100km so it is a reasonable distance from Matola, and the park is continuous with more than a dozen other protected areas, such as Kruger Park, Sabi Game Reserve, Umbabat Nature Reserve and Timbavati Game Reserve. Overall, this is one of the best areas in the world for viewing big game animals. Elephants, lions, hippos, buffalo and more are common and frequently seen within the park. For overnight stays, there are several lodges and accommodations available.

When Should You Visit?:

The best time to visit Matola is in June and July. It is the coolest time of the year at 25C (77F) and the rainfall is at a minimum. The rest of the year will be closer to 28C (82F) with the peak coming in December through March when it reaches 30C (86F) during the daytime. Rain is not much of a problem in Matola during any month so you can expect plenty of sunshine no matter when you go.

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