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image of OshakatiOshakati is a small city in northern Namibia, not far from the border with Angola. Though it is not a main tourist destination for Namibia, there are many modern amenities for anyone travelling through the area. There are few attractions within the city itself, and the Etosha National Park is the main sight to see.

Oshakati is served by the Ondangwa Airport (airport code: OND) which is about 30km outside of town. You can get flights to Oshakati from Johannesburg, but there will be few options. You will either get a flight to Oshakati with Air Namibia or with South African Airways. The first one has a single stop-over in Windhoek, and the other will make two connections in Lusaka and Windhoek. Flight times are either 6 hours or 27 hours in total.

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The Tourist Attractions of Oshakati:

In this part of Namibia, Oshiwamgo and Afrikaans are the most common languages though you will also see signs in English as well as German. Most people in tourist areas will speak some English.

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is the main attraction for the area, and it will be about a 2 hours drive south from Oshakati. It is a large wildlife park with the Etosha salt pan taking up most of the middle. It is dry for most of the year but when the rains come, the pan fills up enough to attract huge flocks of flamingos and other waterbirds. Aside from the pan, you can see a large number of African animals at Etosha. There are rhinoceroses, elephants, impalas, lions, giraffes and zebras in abundance. In contrast to the waterbirds, you will see the most animals if you visit during the dry months because they cluster more tightly around the watering holes.

There are lodges and campgrounds inside the park if you plan on staying more than a day, and some of the roads can be travelled with a standard 2-wheel drive vehicle.

Within the City

As mentioned, there are no distinct attractions in Oshakati but the city is still a wonderful place to explore. You can see authentic northern Namibian culture among the people and try regional cuisine at the restaurants. There are larger supermarkets but you will enjoy shopping at the vendors market instead if you want to see some real variety. Most items for sale are fruits, vegetables, meat and a mix of speciality dried foods and spices.

When Should You Visit?:

You will find the weather to be hot in Oshakati with a few seasonal variations. The warmest peak to the year is from September until November when it reaches 34C (93F) during the day. It will drop by a great deal into the evening so the nights are much more comfortable. You can have some cooler weather if you come to Oshakati in June and July. It is only 26C (79F) then. During these months it will cool enough for a jacket at nights. The rains are heaviest in January and February, which can be important if you are planning on seeing any of the waterbirds in Etosha Park.

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