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image of RunduRundu is in northern Namibia, right on the border with Angola and near the Okavango River. The river actually makes up the border near Rundu. There are several good game parks near the city so it is a popular town with tourists on safari.

The Rundu Airport (airport code: NDU) is just 7 kilometres outside of the city but only one airline offers flights to Rundu. From South Africa Air Namibia has a one-stop flight to Rundu that connects in Windhoek and takes about 17 hours. Alternatively, you can fly to the next largest airport, Ondangwa Airport (code: OND) but you will still only be able to get a flight with Air Namibia that connects once in Windhoek. This airport is also more than 400km away, which does make in less convenient.

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The Tourist Attractions of Rundu:

Mangetti National Park

Mangetti National Park is quite small but it is the closest one to Rundu, and the easiest to get to as it is accessed via the main road from the city. Even so, you can see giraffe, eland and elephants in the park so there is definitely some great wildlife to spot.

Khaudum Game Reserve

Khaudum is a larger park to the east of Rundu, closer to Botswana. It is heavily forested so you may have to be patient to see any of the animals. You can also find giraffe and elephants here, but also lions, leopards, wildebeest, wild dogs and many species of antelope. More than 300 species of birds are also home in Khaudum. The park is unfenced so you never really know exactly what animals will be there at any given time. You need a 4×4 to get to and through the park.

Mahango Game Reserve

Directly east of Rundu is the Mahango Game Reserve, though it is farther than the other two. The river goes through this area, so you will get different landscapes than the other parks as well. Because of the water, there is a lot of animal activity here. Hippos, cheetahs, baboons, lions, elephants and more are very common. It’s not a well-developed park and the roads are rough, so although you can get to the park on a main highway, a 4×4 is necessary to get around once you are there.

Luenge National Park

Luenge National Park is continuous with the Mucusso National Park and the Luiana National Park, but is over the border in Angola. It is an enormous series of parks, and the wildlife includes all the ones mentioned in the above parks and more.

Rundu Open Market

When you are spending time in town, you should browse around the open market. It is a little to the east of the centre of town, and a busy place to buy crafts, fabrics, fruits and vegetables.

When Should You Visit?:

Most of the year Rundu is hot and humid but there is a small window of more comfortable weather you might want to take advantage of when you arrange your trip. June and July have no rainfall and the cooler temperatures of 26C (79F) is a relief compared to the over 30C that the city usually experiences. It also drops to very cool in the evenings during these months. On the other hand, October reaches 35C (95F) during the daytime.

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