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Flights to Swakopmund

image of SwakopmundSwakopmund is on the coast of central Namibia, and though the town is not very large they do offer good travel facilities due to popular natural attractions in the vicinity.

The Swakopmund Airport (airport code: SWP) is not open to commercial air traffic and only accepts private charter flights to Swakopmund. But the Walvis Bay Airport (code: WVB) is only 35km away. To that airport, you can get non-stop flights to Swakopmund with either South African Airways or Air Namibia. With British Airways, you can get a route that stops once in Cape Town instead. Flights will be between 2 and 6 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Swakopmund:

National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium is a very good indoor aquarium that has several tanks filled with ocean fish from the South Atlantic, including many species of sharks and rays. You will see more action if you are there during their afternoon feeding time.


Though you may think of desert when you think about Namibia, there are some great beaches just outside of Swakopmund. All along the coast on the west side of the city are sandy beaches that are suitable for sunbathing and other water sports. Deep sea fishing is also a popular activity out on the water, and you can do a little scuba diving as well. Palm Beach and Swakopmund Beach are the two main ones.

Namib Naukluft Park

South of Swakopmund, past the larger city of Walvis Bay, is the huge Namib-Naukluft Park which is one of the main nature attractions in the region. It is mainly a desert landscape area, and the sand dunes are like nothing you’ve seen before. Though the scenery is the main appeal here, you can see some wildlife as well. Jackals, hyenas, gemsbok antelope and many types of snake are the typical animals you might find. The large salt pans of the Sossusvlei is one particular point of attraction within the park that you should take time to see.

Dorob National Park

Though the Namib Naukluft Park is quite large, the Dorob National Park is much closer to Swakopmund and would be a quicker visit if you are pressed for time. It continues quite a way north along the coast as the Skeleton Coast Park. There is very good fishing along the rocky coast, and with in the park you can see sand dunes and stark stony plains. Dolphins are commonly seen out in the water but there is minimal wildlife out on the sands.

Kuiseb River Canyon

For a change of scenery, you can head to the south-east of Swakopmund to the canyon formed by the Kuiseb River (which is now usually dry). The high gorge and surrounding rocky landscapes are breath-taking and very different from the soft sand dunes you will see in the other parks.

When Should You Visit?:

Whether you plan to visit Swakopmund for the beaches or for other sightseeing the weather will impact when you make your trip. Hotter weather is better for coastal water sports but you will want to be there when it is cooler for most other activities (especially exploring the desert). It will reach 27C (80F) in December through March, but drop to a much more comfortable 20C (68F) from May until late August. Rainfall is minimal no matter what month you are there, so you will not have to avoid any rainy seasons.

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