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Flights to Walvis Bay

image of Walvis BaySituated on the central west coast of Namibia is the port city of Walvis Bay. Established in 1840 Walvis Bay has long been an important port and industrial centre for Namibia, yet it also has a good selection of tourist attractions to keep you occupied too.

Flights to Walvis Bay arrive at the local Walvis Bay Airport (airport code: WVB) which is just 15km outside of the city. Though it’s handy, there are not too many flights to Walvis Bay to choose from. Air Namibia and South African Airways have the same non-stop option when flying from Johannesburg, and you can also fly with British Airways to have one connection in Windhoek. Most flights to Walvis Bay will be between 2 and 6 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Walvis Bay:

Dune 7

You may expect the most popular tourist attraction in Walvis Bay to have a more appealing and exciting name than Dune 7, so don’t let this put you off! This sand dune is actually the highest in the Namib Desert and it’s a popular place to come for adventure sports. You could simply choose to hike to the top of it, then come down on a sandboard! Jeep tours can be arranged for something a little less strenuous, and being only 7 kilometres outside of Walvis Bay it’s easy to get to.

Bird Island

Another of the popular attractions in Walvis Bay is Bird Island, and this one really is unusual! Basically this is an artificial island that was built to attract sea birds so that the locals could easily harvest their ‘guano’! This high quality bird poop is in high demand and the island yields around 650 tons of the stuff annually!

Beaches and Water Sports

The broad bay that shares the same name as the city provides much of the appeal to tourists as it’s a great spot for all sorts of water based activities. Swimming is just one of many things that can be enjoyed here including kayaking, sailing, fishing and more.

Kuiseb River Canyon

Don’t expect to see any water if you travel out to the Kuiseb River Canyon though, as this river is usually dry for more of the year. The main appeal here though is the scenery, which is a little ‘Grand Canyon-esque’ in appearance with its layers of sand and stone. It’s located about 130 kilometres outside of Walvis Bay.

Namib Naukluft Park

Another natural attraction close by the Walvis Bay is the Namib Naukluft Park which is said to be one of the largest game parks in the world. It offers a barren, yet beautiful desert landscape with wonderful sand dunes and desert environment wildlife such as snakes and jackals. The park’s oases are a good place to watch out for wildlife and very large flocks of birds, and the Sossusvlei is a popular part of the park to head for, for its high dunes and salt pans.

When Should You Visit?:

With the desert ending right at Walvis Bay this is a very dry city with virtually no rain all year round. Temperatures are not as hot as you might think though, and really it stays quite cool here. Average highs are between 18 and 22C across the year, while daytime highs may reach up to 27C. It’s a little warmer from December to March and slightly cooler the rest of the year.

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