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Flights to Niamey

image of NiameyNiamey is the capital city of Niger and home to more than 800,000 people. It’s generally a large and modern city with many amenities and attractions. You can find things to do within Niamey itself, and in the surrounding countryside as well.

You will arrive at the Diori Hamani International Airport (airport code: NIM) for all flights to Niamey. The airport is located just on the outskirts of the city, and can be reached by a major highway. There is only one one-stop flight to Niamey from South Africa, which is with Air France, and they connect in Paris. Otherwise, there will be two transfers in your flight to Niamey. Kenya Airways has stops in Nairobi and Ouagadougou, and South African Airways goes another way through Cairo and Algiers. Most flights to Niamey are just over 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Niamey:

Grande Marche

There are several markets in Niamey, but the Grande Marche is the most impressive. There are usually at least 5,000 vendors, both indoors, and in the open, where you can buy fruits, vegetables, clothing, fabric, crafts, and any kind of souvenir you could imagine.

National Museum of Niger

The National Museum of Niger is in the centre of Niamey, and painted bright white and blue (so you can’t miss it!). The displays show many artefacts from the history and culture for all of Niger. There are many handmade crafts in the exhibits and there are also some for sale at the gift shop. There is also a small zoo area with local animals, which is unusual for a museum. It’s considered to be one of the finest museums in West Africa and should not be missed while you are in Niamey.

Grand Mosque of Niamey

The Grand Mosque is open to the public and there is usually a guide there who can take you on a tour of the building, for a donation. The building is very large and quite spectacular with yellow accents and three deep green domes.

W National Park

Niamey’s closest national park is named after the “W” shape that it forms along the path of the Niger River. The park does extend into Benin and Burkina Faso, so you should be aware of the borders. The area is mainly dry brushland but there are also large portions of river delta as well. Overall, the park is home to buffalo, elephants, lions, warthogs, cheetahs, hippos and baboons (though not all live specifically within the Niger portion of the park). There are also several hundred bird species common throughout the park. The park is open to visitors and you can usually see the best range of wildlife during the hotter months when the animals cluster around the water holes. W National Park is about 100 kilometres south of Niamey and there are frequent tour buses that go there.

When Should You Visit?:

Niamey is going to be hot any time of the year though some months will be worse than others. It does cool off considerably in the evenings though. December and January are around 33C (92F) during the day, and you will also get this in August. But in March through May, and again in October, it will be closer to 40C (104F) in the daytime. Rains are quite heavy in July and August so the winters are generally the best option.

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