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image of NigerNiger is the largest country in West Africa, and has borders with the neighbouring countries of Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria, Libya and Chad. Much of the northern part of the country is within the Sahara, a fact which has forced the majority of the population to live in the south.

The capital and largest city of Niger, Niamey (airport code: NIM), is where international flights land. Flights to Niamey will be indirect with either one or two connections. One stop flights to Niger from South Africa are available with Air France. Fly with airlines such as South African Airways, Egyptair, BMI, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Air Madagascar, Iberia, Delta Air Lines, or Virgin Atlantic Airways for flights to Niger with two stops.

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The Tourist Attractions of Niger:

Unlike some of its neighbouring countries, and considering its size, Niger does not have a wealth of tourist attractions to enjoy or experience. The fact that much of the country is within the Sahara is partly to blame, plus the fact that this is a poor and landlocked country doesn’t help either. However, don’t let this put you off Niger altogether as there are still things to see and do!


Niamey is the capital and largest city of Niger. It is located in the south west of the country on the Niger River. As the location for the country’s international airport, Niamey is the entry point for many visitors to Niger, and has several attractions worth spending some time seeing.

The largest landmark in Niamey is the Grand Mosque. This is in fact the largest mosque in the whole of Niger and features a large green dome and a single, though very tall, minaret. The guardian of the mosque is said to be more than happy to give tours to visitors, and this is time well spent if you do. The walk up the stairs to the top of the minaret and the views it gives is definitely worthwhile. Be aware that tours will not be allowed on the holy day, Friday.

The National Museum and Zoo is probably Niamey’s top attraction, and whilst the museum is good, the zoo would definitely not be a highlight of your trip. However, the Grand Market in Niamey is very good; visitors can buy just about anything here!


The historic city of Agadez is situated centrally within Niger and was established as a stop for the caravans crossing the Sahara. The city has some beautiful architecture although tourists should be aware that there have been troubles here over the past few years, and travel to Agadez may not be safe.

National Parks & Reserves in Niger

Niger is home to just one national park, but does have many other reserves too. W National Park is situated mostly within Niger, though small portions make this an international park as it also spreads into neighbouring Benin and Burkina Faso. The major W National Park in Niger is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is particularly good for visitor wishing to see large animal species such as the aardvark, elephants, cheetahs, lions, hippos, leopards, warthogs and more, plus its bird species.

When Should You Visit?:

Niger has a tropical to subtropical climate, characterised by very hot and dry weather throughout most of the year. Only in the subtropical south is rain more common. The capital city, Niamey, usually experiences rainfall during just one month between May and June.

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