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Flights to Tahoua

image of TahouaTahoua is a busy market town in south-central Niger, and though there are only a few attractions nearby, you can see quite a bit of Nigerien lifestyle when you visit. French is commonly spoken in businesses, but many residents will use Tuareg, Hausa or Fulani instead.

The nearest major airport in Niger for flights to Tahoua is the Diori Hamani International Airport (airport code: NIM). It’s in Niamey and more than 350km from Tahoua. There are some public buses between the two cities but a rental car would be more reliable. South African Airways has a flight to Tahoua that arrives in Niamey, and it connects in Cairo and Algiers, but Kenya Airways goes another way via Nairobi and Ouagadougou. Lufthansa also has flights to Tahoua from South Africa, stopping in Frankfurt and Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tahoua:

Though Niger is a Muslim country, the cultural rules are not very strict and it should not impact your visit, though generally modest dress is still a good idea.

Central Marketplace

With a location on the edge of the desert, Tahoua is where many of the nomad tribes come to do business which makes for a busy and interesting open market. It is a very loud and bustling place, so be prepared for a little chaos as you do your browsing! Also be prepared to haggle if you do decide to make a purchase.

The Sahara

The desert spreads out to the north and east of Tahoua so if you want to do some exploring, there is lots of space to do so. Though the scenery of the Sahara is amazing, you should take care when out touring on your own. Most of northern Niger is unpopulated so there won’t be places to stock up if you go off the main road (carry more than enough water). Take a road-trip up towards Agadez to stay on the beaten path. It is Tuareg country up there and you will need a permit to travel on the roads once you’re past Tahoua.


Though you won’t likely take a separate trip to Niamey, you will probably be in the city on your way to Tahoua because that’s where the airport is. So if you want to explore the city, that’s the time to it. The National Museum is a great attraction, and so is the green-domed Grand Mosque. You can also take in some local shopping at the large Grande Marche outdoor market, where thousands of vendors come together in a huge bazaar filled with all types of goods.

When Should You Visit?:

Tahoua is hot and dry and though some months are hotter than others, there is no really “cool” time to visit. Overall, the most comfortable would be in January or December when it reaches 30C (86F) during the day and there is no rain at all. The rest of the year is considerably hotter, with a peak of 41C (106F) in April and May. Nights are a lot cooler no matter what season you are there so you can expect a little relief once the sun goes down.

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